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September 2011

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Make a powerful, positive and lasting impact and become the person everyone remembers, as you discover how Charisma can take YOU to a whole new level.


Learn how to unlock the secrets of being a success with everyone you meet by gaining their agreement, confidence, commitment and admiration.


Packed full of strategies for increasing charisma, you will learn how to stand out from the crowd, communicate with confidence, establish lasting meaningful and life-changing relationships with people on every level, revolutionise your confidence and self-esteem and become more assertive so you can get what you want, when you want it.


Table of Contents

  • PART 1  Aim 
  • 1 Unravelling the DNA of Charisma
  • 2 Charisma aim 
  • PART 2  Be yourself
  • 3 Fluency
  • 4 Confidence
  • 5 Presence
  • 6 Authenticity
  • 7 Courage
  • 8  Passion
  • 9 Demeanour
  • PART 3  Chemistry 
  • 10 Chemistry
  • PART 4  Digging deeper into charisma 
  • 11 Smiling and charisma
  • 12 Body language and eye contact
  • 13 Leadership and charisma
  • PART 5  Putting it all together 
  • 14 Using A-B-C in real life
  • Notes
  • Index

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Marilyn Monroe once went shopping with a friend who was amazed that no one seemed to recognise the star. Monroe explained it was because at that moment she was off stage. To demonstrate, she ‘switched on’ her star quality. Within minutes, people began mobbing her, demanding her autograph, jostling for a closer look.


Marilyn had a legendary level of charisma that few people possess. And, whilst we may never reach these dizzying heights, we can all learn to make the most of our own charisma.


Andrew Leigh is an expert on what it takes to make a positive personal impact. In this new, extended edition of his bestselling book, you’ll discover the tools and techniques to build the essential skills that will make you really stand out from the crowd. You’ll exude confidence and magnetism, connect with people with ease, gain their attention, trust and admiration and leave a long, lasting and indelible impression.


It’s time to switch on your charisma. It’s time to shine.


Before founding his successful consultancy, Maynard Leigh, Andrew Leigh worked as a senior manager in both the public and the private sectors. He has spent several years as a features writer for The Observer and an established author, his previous books include: Your and Your Job (OUP); 20 Ways to Manage Better (CIPD); Effective Change (CIPD); Perfect Decisions; The Ultimate Business Presentation book ; Perfect Presentations; Perfect Communications and Perfect Leader (Random House Business Books).