Be Your Own Career Coach

Rus Slater  
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July 2012

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Be Your Own Career Coach
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All the expertise and proven benefits of one-to-one time with a professional career coach, but for a fraction of the price.


Take control of your career, improve your employability, identify your unique brand and skill set and fast track your career to the next level.


Includes a full, detailed career analysis using the latest career management techniques, together with expert guidance and advice, this will allow you to pinpoint your personal strengths, develop your abilities and take control so you can build a plan that will make your career aspirations a reality.


This practical, friendly and accessible guide includes assessments, assignments, planning exercises and fascinating case-studies.

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Chapter 1. Your Life Goals and Your Legacy

Chapter 2. Your Values and Beliefs

Chapter 3. Your Likes and Dislikes

Chapter 4. Balancing Your Work And Your Life

Chapter 5.What’s Your Brand?

Chapter 6. Family: Fitting Your Lifestyle/Career With Theirs

Chapter 7.  Family As A Career

Chapter 8. The Evolution Of Your Career; Can You Future Proof It?

Chapter 9. Soar With The Egos

Chapter 10. Putting It Back

Chapter 11. Learning And Earning

Chapter 12. Getting The Word Out There

Chapter 13. Wage Slave Or Captain Of Your Own Destiny?





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You spend roughly 30% of your life at work.  Considering that you sleep for a large proportion of the rest of it, your choice of career is critically important.


However, with the vast range of options open to you in how and where you work, for many people that decision is determined as much by fate as by planning or deliberate choice. 


But, with so much of your happiness resting on your career, should you leave it to chance?


By being your own career coach, you can make the best decisions for your life. You can also make sure that you are at the top of your game, open to opportunities and ready to take advantage of the ones that suit you.


This book offers all the expertise of the best career coaching in one place and delivers a complete toolkit for your future success.



Rus Slater is an experienced career coach who has been helping individuals discover their true career path since the mid-1990s. His experience has led him t work with a diverse range of people from the unemployed, graduates, those returning to t he workplace after maternity or retirement and people who are looking to set up their own businesses.


When not coaching Rus is designing and delivering management training programs and he has been commissioned to write four books including one to tie in to the BBC TV series Dragons’ Den.