Lead Your Team in Your First 100 Days

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Niamh O'Keeffe  
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October 2012

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Lead Your Team in Your First 100 Days
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Shows anyone coming into a new leadership role how to position themselves as an effective leader from day one and how to gain exceptional results from their team.


We all know the importance of making a strong start in a new role. Nowhere is a leader’s success or failure more obvious than in the performance of their team. This quick read will help new leaders firmly establish themselves at a time of uncertainty and generate teams who perform at their maximum.


This 100-minute read is 100% practical and breaks down the 100 day period into 5 sections:

@ Start

@ 30 Days

@ 60 Days

@ 90 Days

@ End


It shows you the targets you should be aiming to achieve by each deadline and provides assistance at every stage on reviewing your team’s performance and planning ahead. Containing case studies, lists, coaching notes and exercises, this is the ultimate accessible guide to leading a team.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Preface: First100 www.First100assist.com
About the author

Part 1 Beginning

1. Prepare for your First 100 Days

1. Get organized:  emotional focus and early research

2. Get your team ready for your arrival

3. Arrange a swift leadership handover  

4. Understand the strategic context

5. What is your Team Mission?


2. Your First 100 Days Team Plan

1. First100assist™Leader-Team Success Formula

2. Write your First 100 Days Team Plan


3. @start: Accelerate on arrival

1. Launch your First 100 Days Team Plan

2. Avoid the leader-as-hero trap

3. Bring in “SWAT Team” re-enforcements

4. Speed up leader-team bonding

5. Advice from the executive front line

Part 2 Middle

4. @30 days: Optimise team performance  

1. Review progress against team plan

2. Spot dysfunctional group behaviours

3. Capitalise on the strengths of the team

4. Update your First 100 Days Team Plan

5. Advice from the executive front line


5. @60 days: Sustain a strong momentum

1. Review progress against team plan

2. Remove barriers to high performance

3. Communication, Communication, Communication

4. Update your First 100 Days Team Plan

5. Advice from the executive front line

Part 3 End

6. @90 days: Sprint to the end

1. Review progress against team plan

2. Write your team’s final 10-day “To-do” list

3. Gather feedback and air any issues

4. Take time out for team reflection

5. Advice from the executive front line


7. Finish your First 100 Days

1. Close out your First 100 Days Team Plan

2. Record team achievements and capture lessons learned

3. Communicate team success with stakeholders

4. Celebrate with your team

5. Reset team objectives and renew the endeavor


Final words


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‘Niamh expertly focuses your time and attention on how to quickly build a high-performing team and deliver results at speed.’
Jacky Wright, Vice President, Strategic Services, Microsoft IT

‘If you want to make an early leadership impact and get fast results from your team make sure you read this book’
Darron Antill, CEO, AppSense


‘An invaluable resource and well-written guide.
 Should be required reading for any newly appointed leader.’
John Mullins, Professor, London Business School




Newly appointed leaders are expected to deliver ever more in their first 100 days in a new company or role. Your ability to demonstrate maximum results in a minimum timeframe will be determined by your success at quickly building and leading a high-performing team. This book is the ideal companion for time-poor, ambition-rich leaders looking to see results fast.



·    100 day timeline approach – everything you need to know, do and plan in order to hit the key milestones in your journey

·    100% practical – structured guidance, expert insights and critical advice in immediately implementable bite-sized sections

·     100 minute speed-read – a quick read so you can spend your time on the stuff that counts  




Niamh O’Keeffe is the founder of First100, a business dedicated to accelerating the leadership performance of executives in their first 100 days, established in 2004. On average, her clients have evaluated their leadership performance to have improved by at least 30% as a result of the First100™ program. She knows first-hand the needs of this market and is well-qualified both by training and experience to meet their needs. Niamh is also the author of Your First 100 Days: How to Make Maximum Impact in Your New Leadership Role.