CNA Study Guide for NetWare 6

David James Clarke  
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January 2004

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The official study guide for the Novell Certified NetWare Administrator text, written by the leading Novell certification author.

Table of Contents

1. Saving the World with NetWare.

Introduction to NetWare. The Foundations of NetWare. Getting to Know ACME.

2. NetWare 6 Installation.

Before You Begin. Phase I: Choosing the Correct NetWare 6 Settings. Phase II: Installing NetWare 6 Storage. Phase III: Installing the Server and Network. Phase IV: Setting Up DNS and eDirectory. Phase V: Completing the Installation. Lab Exercise 2.1: Install NetWare.

3. Novell eDirectory.

Introduction to Directory Services. Understanding eDirectory 8.6. Using eDirectory Objects. Lab Exercise 3.1: Getting to Know eDirectory. Implementing eDirectory Naming. Lab Exercise 3.2: Understanding eDirectory Naming.

4. NetWare 6 Connectivity.

Connecting to the Network. Configuring Login Scripts. Lab Exercise 4.1: Configuring ACME'S Login Scripts. Browsing the eDirectory Tree with Novell Management Tools. Lab Exercise 4.2: Browsing the eDirectory Tree with Novell Management Tools. Creating eDirectory Users. Lab Exercise 4.3: Building ACME's eDirectory Tree. User Management with ZENworks for Desktops.

5. NetWare 6 File System.

Designing the NetWare 6 File System. Lab Exercise 5.1: Designing a Directory Structure for ACME. Traditional NetWare 6 Volumes. Novell Storage Services (NSS). Drive Mapping. Accessing Network Files with iFolder. Lab Exercise 5.2: Access Network Files with iFolder. Backing Up and Restoring NetWare 6 Systems.

6. NetWare 6 Security.

Overview of Network Security. Layer One-Login/Password Authentication. Layer Two-Login Restrictions. Layer Three-eDirectory Security. Lab Exercise 6.1: Calculating eDirectory Effective Rights. Lab Exercise 6.2: eDirectory Administration at ACME. Layer Four-File System Access Rights. Lab Exercise 6.3: Calculating File System Effective Rights. Layer Five-Directory/File Attributes. Lab Exercise 6.4: File System Security at ACME.

7. NetWare 6 Advanced Security.

Managing the NetWare 6 Server. Lab Exercise 7.1: Advanced Administration with Remote Manager. Advanced Network Security. Web Virus Protection Plan.

8. NetWare 6 Queue-Based Printing.

Understanding Queue-Based Printing. Configuring Queue-Based Printing. Lab Exercise 8.1: Configuring Queue-Based Printing for ACME. Managing Queue-Based Printing. Lab Exercise 8.2: Managing Queue-Based Printing for ACME. Troubleshooting Queue-Based Printing. Lab Exercise 8.3: Troubleshooting Queue-Based Printing Problems.

9. NetWare 6 NDPS Printing.

The Essence of NDPS. NDPS Printing Architecture. NDPS Printing Setup with iPrint. Lab Exercise 9.1: NDPS Printing Setup with iPrint. NDPS Printing Setup with NetWare Administrator. Lab Exercise 9.2: Setting Up NDPS Printing in the Crime Fighting Division of ACME. Managing NDPS Printing. Troubleshooting NDPS Printing. Lab Exercise 9.3: Troubleshooting NDPS Printing Problems.

10. NetWare 6 Messaging Services.

Understanding Email Basics. GroupWise 6 Architecture. Managing GroupWise 6 Using ConsoleOne.

11. NetWare 6 Internet Infrastructure.

Delivering Internet Services with Novell. Building a NetWare Enterprise Web Server. Building a NetWare FTP Server. Using Novell Portal Services (NPS).

Appendix A. NetWare 6 Certification.

Novell Certification. Exam Preparation. The Exam. Checking Your Certification Status. For More Information.

Appendix B. Cross-Reference to Novell Course 3001 Objectives.

Section 1: Identify NetWare 6 Features and Services. Section 2: Install NetWare. Section 3: Manage NetWare. Section 4: Install and Manage the Novell Client. Section 5: Identify Directory Service Basics. Section 6: Describe Novell eDirectory. Section 7: Manage User Objects. Section 8: Manage eDirectory Rights. Section 9: Configure the User Environment. Section 10: Manage Printing. Section 11: Implement NDPS Printing. Section 12: Implement Novell iPrint Printing. Section 13: Identify How to Resolve Network Printing Problems. Section 14: Evaluate NetWare File Services. Section 15: Create and Access NetWare Volumes. Section 16: Implement Directory and File Rights to Provide NetWare File System Security. Section 17: Design a Network File System. Section 18: Identify How to Back Up and Restore NetWare Systems. Section 19: Implement Novell iFolder. Section 20: Identify Features and Functions of Email. Section 21: Identify the Components of a GroupWise 6 System. Section 22: Maintain a Basic GroupWise System. Section 23: Secure Your Network. Section 24: Identify How to Protect Your Network Against Viruses. Section 25: Identify How Novell Products Deliver Internet Services. Section 26: Identify How to Implement a Web Server. Section 27: Identify How to Install and Configure an FTP Server. Section 28: Identify How Viruses Affect Web Services. Section 29: Identify the Purpose and Function of a Web Portal.

Appendix C. Solutions to Lab Exercises.

Chapter 3: Novell eDirectory. Chapter 4: NetWare 6 Connectivity. Chapter 6: NetWare 6 Security. Chapter 8: NetWare 6 Queue-Based Printing. Chapter 9: NetWare 6 NDPS Printing.



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