Brilliant Economics

Phil Thornton  
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July 2013
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Brilliant Economics
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Economics – the business of life

Chapter 2: The Miracle of Growth

Chapter 3: Business Cycles – from boom to bust and back again

Chapter 4: Work and wages

Chapter 5: The pain of inflation

Chapter 6: The role of government

Chapter 7: Interest rates and monetary policy

Chapter 8: Money and finance

Chapter 9: Housing and property

Chapter 10: Trade and currencies

Chapter 11: Alternative economics theories


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 Brilliant Economics is your easy-to-understand introduction to the world of economic theory and policy. From the key ideas of the main economic thinkers to the difference between macroeconomics and microeconomics, Phil Thornton demystifies the sometimes complex world of economics and guides you through the key economic concepts that fill our TV screens and front pages every day.


Brilliant outcomes: 

  • Understand what economics is and how it affects your everyday life
  • Discover who the key economic thinkers are and why they’re important
  • Learn how economics makes the world go around 



Phil Thornton is lead consultant at Clarity Economics, a consultancy and freelance writing service he set up after a 15-year career as a newspaper journalist. Clarity Economics ( ) looks at all areas of business and economics including macroeconomics, world trade, financial markets fiscal policy, and tax and regulation. Before founding Clarity Economics he was Economics Correspondent at the Independent newspaper, a post he held for eight years.


Phil is an award winning journalist, with a strong platform. His awards:


  • 2010  -  Feature Journalist of the Year award in the Work World Media Awards
  • 2007  - Print Journalist of the Year Work World Media Awards

Reader Review(s)

"Taking the mystery out of economics is a public service. Brilliant Economics achieves this with aplomb". 
Chris Giles, Economics Editor, Financial Times
Economics is vitally important in everyday life because we are all living with the consequences of the global crisis, but it's often confusing. Brilliant Economics is a crystal clear and illuminating guide through the maze of financial jargon and difficult concepts. It explains in straightforward terms what the economic theories mean and also how they affect the things everybody cares about - jobs, prices, interest rates.
Diane Coyle, OBE, Enlightenment Economics and Smith School, Oxford University

Phil writes in a clear manner, simplifying ideas that can be complex. He has a fine ability to mix relevant and topical observations with more detailed discussions, bringing a topic to life and making it easily understood.
Ian Bright, Senior Economist, ING and leader of eZonomics, ING’s international consumer economics project