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Max Mckeown  
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July 2014

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Innovation Book, The
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'If you want to know how to make innovation a reality, read this book before your competition does!'

Dr James Canton, CEO & Chairman, Institute for Global Futures



The Innovation Book is your hands-on guide to turning new thinking into exciting opportunities. The quick-read format features an overview of each topic, what success looks like, the pitfalls to dodge and an action plan of what you can start doing - right now - to achieve success.





* Your Creative Self – how to become a more powerful innovator

* Leading Innovators – how to inspire and motivate creative people

* Creating Innovation – how to develop and test new concepts

* Winning with Innovation – how to sell your new ideas

* The Innovator’s Toolkit – 20+ tools to help you create, shape and share your ideas

* The Innovator’s Case Notes – real-life examples of innovation in action; what would you have done?

Table of Contents

About the author

Author’s acknowledgements

Publisher’s acknowledgements


How to use this book?

What is innovation?

part one: Your creative self

Nurturing your creative genius

Seeing what others do not see

Becoming a more powerful innovator

Giving up old ideas for better ideas

part two: Leading innovators

Building a better, bigger brain

Organising people for innovation

Creating powerful innovation culture

Motivating innovators

part three: Creating innovation

Using the power of (creative) rebels

Making new ideas useful

Grinding your way from insight to (successful) innovation

Measuring (unmeasurable) innovation

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The Innovation Book is your roadmap to creating powerful innovations that deliver success in a competitive world.


It answers the following questions:

·    How do you become a more innovative thinker?

·    How do you lead and manage creative people?

·    How can you use innovation tools to get the best results?

·    How can you engage people with innovation?

·    How do you avoid pitfalls, problems and roadblocks?


With a practical bite-size format, The Innovation Book helps you tackle the really important challenges and start seizing the most valuable opportunities today.


'Inspired, ambitious and complete – a must-read for anyone interested in innovation, creativity and invention.'

Tom McMail, ex-Microsoft Strategic Collaborations Director & Academic Innovations Manager


“Strips big ideas down to their essence, making the complicated understandable and turning the theoretical into real-world practical. Recommended.”

Broc Edwards, SVP, Director of Learning and Leadership


Max Mckeown (PHD, MBA, FRSA) is an author, consultant and popular speaker. He shares cutting edge research with clients in the real world of major corporations. He is the author of several books including The Truth about Innovation, Adaptability and best-selling, award-winning The Strategy Book.

Max has a PhD and MBA with a speciality in strategic change and an MSc in Psychology. His research focuses on the relative effectiveness of different approaches to strategy and innovation – particularly environment and adaptation – in search of how best to deliberately create better ways of doing everything.

His clients are across multiple sectors including: Phillips, Langham Hotels, Oracle, PWC, Microsoft, Virgin, Sun International, 2012 Olympics, Skype, Sony, Toyota, TopShop, Arcadia, Metro Group, TRW Automotive, Pfizer, J&J, Royal Mint, Barclays, Lloyds, Nandos, Levis, Vodafone, Capital One, GE, ITV and HSBC. /