3-Hour Presentation Plan, The

Meg Lightheart  
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December 2015
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3-Hour Presentation Plan, The
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Plan a first rate presentation in three hours or less, quickly produce slides and handouts, and discover ways to deliver it calmly, confidently and capably.

Table of Contents

Introduction - Why you're right to be nervous and overwhelmed- The problem with presentations


Part One: Plan - Three hours to a good enough presentation

Step 1 - Get traction on planning – 30 mins

Step 2 - Lay the groundwork for a flexible, robust plan - 20 mins

Step 3 - Put together a flexible, do-able plan (with recipes to use as sane starting points for your particular situation) - 60 mins

Step 4 - Plan notes so you won't lose your train of thought - 15 mins

Step 5 – Verify the timings by practicing (a bit) - 30 mins

Step 6 - Plan slides/visual aids that support your outcomes - 15 mins

Step 7 - Lower your nerves by doing a sanity check - 10 mins


Part Two: Speak


1. Calm - develop relaxation skills and emotional resilience

2. Steady - signal credibility with your voice and body language

3. Conversation - taking the drama out of your mental model and develop a credible speaking style

4. Story - become a more interesting presenter by sharing your experiences

5 - Listen - deal with the dreaded Q&A confidently


Part Three: Extras


Extra: Just-in-time Coaching

Extra: Global group

Extra: Conference call

Extra: What to do if your presentation is tomorrow!

Epilogue: Next steps


Back Cover

If you haven't got time to get your presentation together...

If you're not as confident a speaker as you'd like to be...

If your topic is complex...

If you have no idea where to start...


Presentation Now means that in three hours you'll be ready with a plan for a nerve-free, interesting and persuasive presentation.


·    Get ready – Put a plan together in three hours or less, so you can relax knowing you have everything in hand.

·    Get set – Discover tactics and tips that will make sure you deliver an engaging presentation calmly, confidently and capably.

·    Go – Try practical exercises that will boost your natural speaking ability and enhance your credibility.

If you have a presentation looming and you’re worryingly short of time, Presentation Now will get you from panicked to prepared in no time at all.


‘Such a time-saver. From start to finish, this book is impactful and empowering.’

Patrick Hofmann, User Experience Designer, Google


‘Demystifies the art of presenting, this practical book will show you how you can become a great speaker by untapping the potential within.’ 
Justice Williams MBE, Entrepreneur and Public Speaker


‘Packed with time-saving, sensible, systematic advice to rapidly create and deliver a smart talk. It helps you end preparation paralysis, calm your nerves, follow a clear path, and handle the Q&A with confidence.’

Lisa B. Marshall, bestselling author of Smart Talk and host of The Public Speaker podcast


‘Full of practical advice that you can put into practice straight away, this is a great read for anyone who finds delivering presentations a challenge.’

Sukhvinder Pabial, Head of Organisational Development, One Housing



Andrew Lightheart is an internationally recognised complex-topic presentation coach. He has coached getting on for 5,000 presentations by speakers hailing from more than 22 different countries. For ten years, he has specialised in working with technically-minded presenters like IT people, lawyers, academics, scientists, accountants and consultants. Andrew's clients include HSBC (in UK, Hong Kong and China), Glaxo SmithKline, Siemens, Philips and SoftwareOne.