Rules of Wealth, The

Richard Templar  
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August 2015
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Some people seem to find money so easy. Easy to make, easy to hold on to and easy to grow. The rest of us just find it easy to spend. Here’s a personal code for a life of prosperity and plenty.

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Thinking wealthy

1 Anybody can be wealthy – you just need to apply yourself

2 Decide on your definition of wealth

3 Set your objectives

4 Keep it under your hat

5 Most people are too lazy to be wealthy

6 Get a reality check

7 Understand your money beliefs and where they come from

8 Understand that wealth is a consequence, not a reward

9 Decide what you want money for

10 Understand that money begets money

11 Calculate the net return

12 If you see money as the solution you’ll find it becomes the problem

13 You can make lots of money, you can enjoy your job, and you can sleep nights

14 Don’t make money by being bad

15 Money and happiness – understand their relationship

16 Know the difference between price and value

17 Know how the wealthy think

18 Don’t envy what others have

19 It’s harder to manage yourself than it is to manage your money

Getting wealthy

20 You’ve got to know where you are before you start

21 You’ve got to have a plan

22 Get your finances under control

23 Insurance pays someone, and odds are it’s not you

24 Only by looking wealthy can you become wealthy

25 Speculate to accumulate (no, this isn’t gambling)

26 Decide your attitude to risk

27 Think through the alternatives to taking a risk

28 If you don’t trust someone, don’t do business with them

29 It’s never too late to start getting wealthy

30 Start saving young (or teach your kids this one if it’s too late for you)

31 Understand that your financial needs change at different stages of your life

32 You have to work hard to get rich enough not to have to work hard

33 Learn the art of deal making

34 Learn the art of negotiating

35 Small economies won’t make you wealthy but they will make you miserable

36 Real wealth comes from deals not fees

37 Understand that working for others won’t necessarily make you rich – but it might

38 Don’t waste time procrastinating – make money decisions quickly

39 Work as if you didn’t need the money

40 Spend less than you earn

41 Don’t borrow money – unless you really, really have to

42 Consider consolidating debts

43 Cultivate a skill and it’ll repay you over and over again

44 Pay off your loans and debts as a priority

45 Don’t be too busy earning a living to make some money

46 Save in big chunks – or should you?

47 Don’t rent, buy

48 Understand what investing really means

49 Build a bit of capital then invest it wisely

50 Understand that property, in the long run, will not outpace shares

51 Master the art of selling

52 See yourself as others do

53 Don’t believe you can always win

54 Don’t pick stocks yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing

55 Understand how the stock market really works

56 Only buy shares (or anything) you can understand

57 Use your head

58 By all means, use the investment professionals (but don’t be used by them)

59 If you are going to get financial advice, pay for it

60 Don&#

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A personal code for prosperity and plenty


Some people seem to find money so easy. Easy to make, easy to hold on to, and easy to grow. The rest of us just find it easy to spend.


Is it all luck, or is there something rich people know or do that we don’t? Is it something we could all learn? The answer is a resounding yes. They know the Rules of wealth.


The Rules of wealth are the guiding principles that will help you generate more money, handle it more wisely, grow it more effectively, and use it to live a happier, more fulfilling and comfortable life. In this new edition of the worldwide bestseller, Richard Templar has added 10 brand new Rules to make your life even more rewarding. 


If you dream of having enough money never to worry about it ever again, you need The Rules of Wealth.



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