Connected Leadership

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Simon Hayward  
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December 2015
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Connected Leadership
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Connected Leadership will show you how to:

· Create a more agile organisation & respond swiftly to changing markets & customer needs

· Cope with increasing market complexity & uncertainty

· Build trust, reputation & become a more authentic leader

· Develop a ‘connected leadership’ approach

Table of Contents

About the Author



1 – Introduction


2 - Why you need to know about connected leadership

Old models are breaking down 

A new style of leadership

Understanding connected leadership  

What connected leadership looks like

What it doesn’t look like   

Key benefits of connected leadership

Case study – Connected Leadership at Mandarin Oriental


3 - The end of business as usual?  

The rise of the ‘new’ consumer

The emergence of the open and networked society

The arrival of the ‘Millennials’



4 - The Connected leadership challenge

Reinventing leadership

What makes a good CEO?   

Leaders face a complex set of challenges  

What does the connected organisation look like?

Leadership Brand

What does the connected leader look like?   

Case study – Leading from the front


5 - Purpose and direction

A time for renewal

Why direction and purpose?

Developing a clear sense of purpose

Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle  

Establishing the right direction  

The leader’s role  

Other tips from the Pixar Media 22 Rules  

Case study – Connected Leadership at Standard Chartered


6 - Values in action

Redefining and aligning the core values

What’s important around here?

Authentic leadership   

Emotional Capital capabilities   

Creating a values-led culture   

Ethical leadership

Case Study – Values and authenticity at Marks & Spencer


7 - Connected relationships   

Looking outward  

Developing open and transparent relationships

Balanced processing of information   

Strengthening key relationships – questions to ask


8 - Devolving decision-making

Rethinking the balance of power  

Why decision-making needs to be devolved

Organisational level  

Your role as leader

Case study – Devolved decision making in action at Zara


9 - Encouraging collaborative achievement  

Breaking down barriers

Why collaboration counts

Understanding the different stages of team formation 

The human desire for community   

Organisational level  

Collaborating in consumer goods  

Finding the cause of conflict  

Your role as leader

The persuasive power of collaboration 

Strategic listening from a CEO  

Case study – Connected Leadership at Telstra


10 - Creating an agile organisation   

Dealing with turbulence

Disruptive technologies

Innovation: unleashing the entrepreneurial spirit

Develop a learning organisation

Disruption builds adaptive leaders  

Prioritise ruthlessly   

Case study – Agility and customer focus at Three


11 - Taking people with you   

Building a connected company through strategic engagement

Engaging all the managers   

Engaging everyone to create the connected company

Communicating connectivity effectively

Case study – Engaging people at Shop Direct

Connected Company survey


12 - Next Steps


Connected society



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The world is becoming ever more closely and rapidly connected. The internet and social media mean news and customer feedback is instantaneous and online markets are making location irrelevant.

In this more connected world, businesses need a new form of leadership that is in tune with these changes – one that is able to create more agile, collaborative organisations that can flex with the uncertainties and changing customer expectations around us.

Connected Leadership shows all businesses how they can create a more connected organisation that is better equipped to respond to the complex challenges they face today.

By adopting the five key factors of connected leadership you will be able to:

- Develop a clear sense of purpose and direction for the organisation
- Build a more open, transparent and authentic way of working
- Devolve decision making
- Encourage collaborative achievement
- Create an agile organisation

Packed with practical tips and case examples from leading companies that have successfully adopted these factors of connected leadership, this is a book that no leader should be without.


Simon Hayward is an award-winning thought-leader, valued by major clients, including Three, HSBC, M&S and Network Rail as a trusted advisor & partner. He has a wealth of strategic consultancy & leadership experience gained over 25 years & has developed major strategic learning & development programmes across Europe, Asia, North America & the Far East.