Meet with Impact

Tom Russell  
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November 2019
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Meet with Impact


Meet With Impact gives you 40 exciting, engaging and easy visual tools to help make your meetings more productive and useful. Stuck in the same old slide-deck rut? There is a better way, and it’s explained right here.

Like it or hate it we spend too much of our time in meetings, and even though many of these meetings may be deathly they are super important to our organisations. But they don’t have to be so dull.

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We spend 50% of our time in meetings but are you getting the results you need? 


Like it or hate it we spend a huge amount of time in meetings, and even though many of these meetings may be deathly they are super important to our organisations. Meetings don’t have to be dull. Meet with Impact gives you 40 visual, engaging and easy-to-use tools to help make your meetings more productive and engaging. Covering face-to-face and virtual meetings, you’ll do great work AND get a reputation for running meetings that get results. 


Using the Meet with Impact Planner, you will be able to design your meeting, select the right tools quickly and easily, and make notes to capture what worked well. So instead of reaching for your slide deck when you have an important meeting coming up, you’ll find practical inspiration that will help you plan a powerful meeting that gets stuff done. 


Stuck in the same old meeting rut? There is a better way, and it’s explained right here. 


Tom Russell is Co-Founder and Director of The Facilitation Partnership (TFP) and Inky Thinking. He has 20 years’ experience in a variety of large, well known, complex organisations. More recently he has been facilitating meetings across the globe, partnering with clients to achieve breakthrough results in their meetings in companies including Airbus, Mars and SAP.

Reader Review(s)

“I like to focus on getting outcomes through high-quality conversations and diverse ways of working.  This book has oodles of practical tips for everyone, no matter what their experience and role, and I’d commend it to anyone who knows that people make better decisions when they work well together.” 

Adriènne Kelbie – CEO, Office for Nuclear Regulation 


"Competitive Advantage is the holy grail of all companies today, but how do you achieve competitive advantage? One of the most effective and sustainable ways is through your people. If you can inspire, motivate and energise your people around the collective success of the organisation magic can happen. Using the principles described in this book you can meet and impact your employees, customers and investors and achieve competitive advantage and create a better future for your organisation. It all starts with making meetings deliver your desired outcomes. I have had the privilege of working with Tom Russell and many occasions in many different settings and I have seen first hand this transformation take place with the groups he has worked with. I highly recommend Tom's work and the ideas, principles and methodology Tom has shared in this remarkable book." 

David Ednie - President & CEO, SalesChannel International 


“This is a book that makes you question why and how you have meetings. It brings a new energy to a concept that has got stale in many organisations. If you take on board these tips, hints and advice I am sure that your meetings will drive better decisions, save time and be a far more fun experience!” 

Andy Rogers - Global HR Director, Sodexo Government 


‘This book is a compelling and insightful resource to help you achieve more productive meetings and to give energy and momentum to the actions that follow – use it and enjoy the results! 

Monika Vikander-Hegarty - Vice President HR International & Global Talent, Teleflex 


“This book is a practical and visual treasure chest of great ideas on how to make meetings more effective. Tom has distilled the best of his graphic facilitation art with sound and accessible people, content and process advice on how to make any meeting more compelling.” 

Stephen Parker - Chief Human Resources Officer, A.T. Kearney, Inc. 


“Highly impactful & easily adopted practices that have been proven the world over by Tom & his colleagues. We all spend so much time in meetings, why not be the brave leader that helps your organisation meet much smarter?” 

 Zelda Gray - Global VP People & Organisation (Retired), Mars Inc. 


‘This work offers us a wonderful, graphically enhanced toolset in an energizing and motivational way, pleasantly describing and showing the power and impact of visual thinking to improve our meeting processes. I love how Tom Russell frames and paints it all together.’ 

Jan Bovelander, Business Developer & Owner of Bozz BV