Finance Book, The

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April 2022

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Finance Book, The
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The knowledge and tools every professional needs to make better financial and business decisions.

Why this book is different to other finance books:

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Spotlights ‘what you need to know’
  • Requires no prior finance knowledge
  • Practical and real-world focus
  • Written by practitioners
  • Features

    Highly practical – quick and easy, with real-life example running throughout, allowing the reader to dip in and out
    New resource – Reinforce and Embed sections added throughout to make content more engaging and practical.

    New to this Edition

    Updated real-life example running throughout, allowing the reader to dip in and out
    New resource – Reinforce and Embed sections added throughout to make content more engaging and practical.

    Table of Contents


    Part 1 Finance Fundamentals

    1 Finance personnel and systems

    2 Cash versus accruals accounting

    Part 2 Primary Financial Statements

    3 Profit and loss (P&L)

    4 The balance sheet

    5 Cash flow statement

    Part 3 Key Elements of Financial Statements

    6 Revenue recognition

    7 Opex and capex

    8 Business tax

    9 Tangible fixed assets and depreciation

    10 Goodwill and other intangibles

    11 Stock

    12 Debtors and creditors

    13 Prepayments and accruals

    14 Provisions and contingencies

    15 Capital and reserves

    16 Group accounting

    17 Revaluation

    18 Impairment

    Part 4 Financial and Regulatory Environment

    19 Accounting and financial reporting standards

    20 External financial audit

    21 Information in the public domain

    22 Corporate governance and whistleblowing

    Part 5 Assessing Financial Health

    23 Profitability performance measures

    24 Working capital and liquidity management

    25 Insolvency and going concern risk

    26 Long-term solvency performance measures

    27 Investor ratios

    28 Business valuation

    Part 6 Sources of Business Finance

    29 Equity finance

    30 Debt finance

    Part 7 Financial Management

    31 Management accounts

    32 Profitable pricing

    33 Profit planning

    34 Budgeting and forecasting

    35 Investment appraisal

    Part 8 Practical application

    36 Consolidate and apply

    37 The reliability, relevance & trustworthiness of financial statements

    Appendix: Greggs plc 2020 Financial Statements

    Back Cover

    The essential guide to accounting and finance written specifically for non-finance professionals.


    The Finance Book de-mystifies the language of finance in an easy and accessible format, enabling you to understand business from a financial perspective.


    Covering accounting fundamentals, financial statements, profitability, cashflow, business finance, financial performance and more, The Finance Book gives you the knowledge and skills needed to make more effective financial decisions.


    This new edition has been full updated with:

    ·         new content to enable you to consolidate your learning via ‘frequently asked questions’ included throughout

    ·         illustrations of how finance concepts are applied in practice, through the lens of a real-life company

    ·         explanations of the limitations of financial statements used to analyse business performance. 


    Stuart Warner Bsc (Hons) FCA, BFP, Cert IoD Stuart is the author of four finance books. His goal is to help businesses increase productivity and profits through innovative, engaging and experiential finance training programmes. He delivers training and consultancy internationally across multiple sectors. Over his career, Stuart has trained thousands of people. He has taught accounting trainees for professional qualifications and has delivered CPD courses for qualified accountants and interactive courses for non-finance professionals from graduate to board level. Stuart studied management sciences at UMIST and became a Chartered Accountant whilst working at PwC. Si Hussain BSc (Hons) FCA, BFP, FHEA, PgCert (HE) Saieem (Si) trained with KPMG qualifying as a Chartered Accountant in 1991.During his 30+ year career, Si has delivered financial training programmes to countless professionals and has held senior roles in companies, including Chief Executive of BPP Professional Education. He continues to teach finance to a full spectrum of professionals including managers and directors, non-finance professionals as well as those starting out on their careers. Si is an experienced facilitator and training consultant providing services to a wide range of organisations.