The Leader's Guide to Wellbeing: How to use soft skills to get hard results

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August 2023

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The Leader's Guide to Wellbeing: How to use soft skills to get hard results


Know how to support the wellbeing of your team seriously, with practical ways to grow a healthy organisation from the inside out.

Table of Contents

Part 1 – The Compassionate Leader: Boost your emotional and mental fortitude

1. Be Kind/Being Kind is the new Cool

2. Find your Flow

3. Recharge your Relationships (with yourself and others!)

Part 2 – Create a psychologically safe and healthy team

4. Where “workplace wellbeing” sessions go wrong

5. Manage the demands of emotional labour

6. Address diverse needs

Part 3 – Grow well or go home

7. Sustaining progress in an uncertain future  

8. The changing faces of leadership:  Wellbeing for:

a. Entrepreneurs/Small Business Owners

b. Freelancers

c. Head of the family

Part 4: Epilogue

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The Leader's Guide to Wellbeing is your essential toolkit to build your emotional wellbeing, learn how to model or teach it to others, and share the positive benefits it brings to others.

Wellbeing is so much more than a daily “check-in”.  An emotionally healthy team is a sustainable, high performing team.  This book will offer you an understanding of the powerful potential of your emotions, practical ways to channel them for impactful results, and offer you direction, support and encouragement, wherever your leadership role extends.  In short, it will teach you to be well.

With lots of exercises to practise regularly, this book will help you make lasting positive, transformational change.


Audrey Tang is a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol) qualified teacher, and award-winning author - The Leader's Guide to Resilience, 2021 (prev. The Leader's Guide to Mindfulness) (Pearson & FT, 2018) and Be A Great Manager - Now (Pearson, 2016)) with a focus on practical self-improvement. She is the host of the podcast 'Retrain Your Brain for Success', and The Wellbeing Lounge on NLiveRadio, presenter for 'Psych Back to Basics' on DisruptiveTV, and resident psychologist on Channel 4's 'Don't Diet Lose Weight', and The Chrissy B Show (Sky) the UK's only TV programme dedicated to mental health and wellbeing. Audrey regularly offers expert comment as a psychologist through TV, Radio and published media.  A member of the International Positive Psychology Association (IPPA), she speaks at National and International conferences in the fields of resilience, leadership and team cohesion, is a CPD accredited trainer and FIRO-B profiler, and regularly teaches and hosts webinars & lectures offering accessible and effective psychology and coaching tools for personal and professional success.