The Essential Guide to Taking Care of Behaviour

Paul Dix  
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May 2010
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This practical, skills-based book provides a wealth of behaviour management strategies that can be used in any classroom. Taking Care of Behaviour will help you to develop your existing skills, build your confidence and create realistic action plans for effective behaviour management. Paul Dix’s unique, positive approach will help you manage even the most challenging behaviour with care and control.



  • Age-specific material to provide different strategies for primary, secondary and FE teachers
  • Avoids academic jargon in favour of an empathetic, accessible style
  • Including case study material to help apply the strategies advice to a classroom setting.


Table of Contents

Part 1 Managing behaviour in the classroom


Chapter 1 Things to think about before you start

Chapter 2 Managing your own behaviour: modelling social and emotional literacy

Chapter 3 Establishing and sustaining consistency and certainty

Chapter 4 Learning rituals, rules and routines

Chapter 5 Language, performance and positive manipulation

Chapter 6 Motivating students: meaningful praise and reward

Chapter 7 Reconciliation v retribution: the art of applying effective sanctions


Part 2 Advanced behaviour-management strategies


Chapter 8 Managing confrontation with flair: the ´win, win´

Chapter 9 Pivotal moments in hooking hard to reach students

Chapter 10 Building mutual trust with individuals and groups

Chapter 11 Students with extreme behaviour and behaviour-changing conditions


Part 3 Collaborating with other adults


Chapter 12 Seeking support: why, when and how

Chapter 13 Teaching partnerships: collaborative approaches with the LSA and other adults

Chapter 14 Nurturing the support of parents, mentors and the wider community


Part 4 Specific Situations


Chapter 15 Supply teachers, cover supervisors and cover lessons

Chapter 16 Managing behaviour around the site

Back Cover

Practical behaviour strategies that don’t just manage but improve behaviour for the long term 



In this second edition of Taking Care of Behaviour, award-winning teacher trainer Paul Dix shows you how to maintain your own teaching style, whilst using skills and strategies that protect the dignity of the teacher and student.  Discover how you can improve behaviour and establish positive relationships with students with specific advice whether you are teaching Primary, Secondary or FE.


Taking Care of Behaviour is not just a complete course for managing behaviour.  It is proven to improve behaviour and the work of teachers and students alike.



Designed for use as a self-training manual, use Taking Care of Behaviour to:

  • develop your existing skills
  • build confidence in your capabilities
  • design your own resources
  • create your own realistic action plan
  • learn flexible strategies
  • understand why your own behaviour is so important



Reader Review(s)

"I am not surprised that the author won a training award in 2009,  as this book is a very good starting point for helping many adults to  become more confident in improving their behaviour management techniques when working with children of all ages."

- SEN Magazine