Routers and Routing Basics CCNA 2 Labs and Study Guide (Cisco Networking Academy)

Cisco Press
Allan Johnson
August 2006


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The completely revised and only authorized Labs and Study Guide for the Cisco Networking Academy Program CCNA 2 curriculum

  • A portable classroom resource that supports the topics in the CCNA 2 curriculum aligning 1:1 with course modules
  • Includes all the labs in the online curriculum as well as additional instructor-created challenge labs for extended learning and classroom exercises
  • Written by leading Academy instructor Allan Johnson, who bring a fresh voice to the course material

The all-new Labs and Study Guide titles combine the best of the former Lab Companions and Engineering Journal and Workbooks with new features to improve the student's hands-on skills and reinforce the topics for each CCNA course. Routers and Routing Basics CCNA 2 Labs and Study Guide is a complete collection of the lab exercises specifically written for the CCNA 2 course in the Cisco Networking Academy Program, designed to give students hands-on experience in a particular concept or technology. Each lab contains an introductory overview, a preparation/tools required section, explanations of commands, and step-by-step instructions to reinforce the concepts introduced in the online course and covered in the Companion Guide. NEW: Challenge labs written by Academy instructors, tested in their classrooms will be included as additional or alternative labs. The Study Guide section is designed to provide additional exercises and activities to reinforce students' understanding of the course topics, preparing them for the course assessments. As a study guide it will also continue to provide ample writing opportunities to guide students into the habit of keeping notes on networking topics.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1               WANs and Routers

Study Guide  



Lab Exercises  

Curriculum Lab 1-1: Connecting Console Interfaces (1.2.5)  

Curriculum Lab 1-2: Connecting Router LAN Interfaces (1.2.6)  

Curriculum Lab 1-3: Connecting WAN Interfaces (1.2.7)  

Challenge Lab 1-4: Build a Two-Router Topology  


Chapter 2               Introduction to Routers  

Study Guide  

Cisco IOS and the IOS Command-Line Interface  

Starting, Configuring, Accessing, and Using a Router CLI  

Lab Exercises  

Command Reference  

Curriculum Lab 2-1: Router Configuration Using Setup (2.2.1)  

Curriculum Lab 2-2: Establishing a Console Session with HyperTerminal (2.2.4)  

Curriculum Lab 2-3: Command-Line Fundamentals (2.2.9)  

Comprehensive Lab 2-4: Exploring the Router and IOS  

Challenge Lab 2-5: Configure a Two-Router Topology  


Chapter 3               Configuring a Router  

Study Guide  

Configuring a Router for Basic Routing  

Documenting the Router Configuration  

Lab Exercises  

Command Reference  

Curriculum Lab 3-1: Command Modes and Router Identification (3.1.2)  

Curriculum Lab 3-2: Configuring Router Passwords (3.1.3)  

Curriculum Lab 3-3: Using Router show Commands (3.1.4)  

Curriculum Lab 3-4: Configuring a Serial Interface (3.1.5)  

Curriculum Lab 3-5: Making Configuration Changes (3.1.6)  

Curriculum Lab 3-6: Configuring an Ethernet Interface (3.1.7)  

Curriculum Lab 3-7: Configuring Interface
Descriptions (3.2.3)  

Curriculum Lab 3-8: Configuring Message of the Day (MOTD) (3.2.5)  

Curriculum Lab 3-9: Configuring Host Tables (3.2.7)  

Curriculum Lab 3-10: Backing Up Configuration Files (3.2.9)  

Comprehensive Lab 3-11: Basic Router Configuration and File Management  

Challenge Lab 3-12: Basic Router Configuration Challenge  


Chapter 4               Learning About Other Devices  

Study Guide  

Discovering Neighbors Using CDP  

Getting Information and Troubleshooting Remote Devices  

Lab Exercises  

Command Reference  

Curriculum Lab 4-1: Creating a Network Map Using CDP (4.1.4)  

Curriculum Lab 4-3: Establishing and Verifying a Telnet Connection (4.2.2)  

Curriculum Lab 4-4: Suspending and Disconnecting Telnet Sessions (4.2.3)  

Curriculum Lab 4-5: Advanced Telnet Operations (4.2.4)  

Curriculum Lab 4-6: Connectivity Tests-Ping (4.2.5a)  

Curriculum Lab 4-7: Connectivity Tests-Traceroute (4.2.5b)  

Curriculum Lab 4-8: Troubleshooting IP Address Issues (4.2.6)  

Comprehensive Lab 4-9: CDP Commands  

Comprehensive Lab 4-10: Network Troubleshooting Commands  


Chapter 5               Managing Cisco IOS Software  

Study Guide  

Router Boot Sequence and Loading IOS Images  

Managing Cisco Router IOS and Configuration Files  

Command Reference  

Lab 5-1: Using the boot system Command (5.1.3)  

Lab 5-2: Troubleshooting Configuration Register Boot Problems (5.1.5)  

Lab 5-3: Managing Configuration Files with TFTP (5.2.3)  

Lab 5-4: Managing IOS Images with TFTP (5.2.5)  

Lab 5-5: Password Recovery Procedures (5.2.6a)  

Lab 5-6: Managing IOS Images with ROMMON and Xmodem (5.2.6b)  

Challenge Lab 5-7: Use TFTP to Load IOS and Configuration File  


Chapter 6               Routing and Routing Protocols  

Study Guide  

Adding Connected and Static IP Routes  

Lab Exercises  

Command Reference  

Curriculum Lab 6-1: Configuring Static Routes (6.1.6)  

Comprehensive Lab 6-2: Static Routing with Migration to Dynamic Routing  

Challenge Lab 6-3: Static and Dynamic Routing Configuration  


Chapter 7               Distance Vector Routing Protocols  

Study Guide  

Avoiding Loops When Converging Using Distance Vector Routing Protocols  

Routing Information Protocol  

Lab Exercises  

Command Reference  

Lab 7-1: Configuring RIP (7.2.2)  

Lab 7-2: Troubleshooting RIP (7.2.6)  

Lab 7-3: Preventing Routing Updates Through an Interface (7.2.7)  

Lab 7-4: Load Balancing Across Multiple Paths (7.2.9)  

Lab 7-5: Configuring IGRP (7.3.5)  

Lab 7-6: Default Routing with RIP and IGRP (7.3.6)  

Lab 7-7: Unequal-Cost Load Balancing with IGRP (7.3.8)  

Comprehensive Lab 7-8: Advanced RIP Configuration and Troubleshooting  

Challenge Lab 7-9: RIP and Default Routing to ISP  


Chapter 8               TCP/IP Suite Error and Control Messages  

Study Guide  

TCP/IP Error Messages: ICMP  

Lab Exercises  


Chapter 9               Basic Router Troubleshooting  

Study Guide  

Examining the Routing Table  

Network Testing Methods and Tips  

Router and Routing Troubleshooting Tips  

Lab Exercises  

Command Reference  

Lab 9-1: Using show ip route to Examine Routing Tables (9.1.1)  

Lab 9-2: Gateway of Last Resort (9.1.2)  

Lab 9-3: Last Route Update (9.1.8)  

Lab 9-4: Troubleshooting Using ping and telnet (9.2.6)  

Lab 9-5: Troubleshooting Using traceroute (9.3.4)  

Lab 9-6: Troubleshooting Routing Issues with show ip route and show ip protocols (9.3.5)  

Lab 9-7: Troubleshooting Routing Issues with debug (9.3.7)  

Challenge Lab 9-8: Basic Routing Troubleshooting  


Chapter 10             Intermediate TCP/IP  

Study Guide  

TCP and UDP Operation  

Operation of Transport Layer Ports  

Lab Exercises  

Command Reference  

Curriculum Lab 10-1: Multiple Active Host Sessions (10.1.6)  

Curriculum Lab 10-2: Well-Known Port Numbers and Multiple Sessions (10.2.5)  


Chapter 11             Access Control Lists (ACLs)  

Study Guide  

Access Control List Fundamentals  

Access Control Configuration  

Lab Exercises  

Command Reference  

Lab 11-1: Configuring Standard Access Lists (11.2.1a)  

Lab 11-2: Standard ACLs (11.2.1b)  

Lab 11-3: Configuring Extended Access Lists (11.2.2a)  

Lab 11-4: Simple Extended Access Lists (11.2.2b)  

Lab 11-5: Configuring a Named Access List (11.2.3a)  

Lab 11-6: Simple DMZ Extended Access Lists (11.2.3b)  

Lab 11-7: Multiple Access Lists Functions (11.2.3c)  

Lab 11-8: VTY Restriction (11.2.6)  

Comprehensive Lab 11-9: Standard, Extended, and Named ACLs  

Challenge Lab 11-10a: Three Routers with Multiple ACL Configurations (Form A)  

Challenge Lab 11-10b: Three Routers with Multiple ACL Configurations (Form B)  


Appendix A            CCNA 2 Skills-Based Assessment Practice  


Appendix B            Router Interface Summary  


Appendix C            Erasing and Reloading the Router  



Back Cover

Routers and Routing Basics

CCNA 2 Labs and Study Guide


Allan Johnson


The only authorized Labs and Study Guide for the Cisco Networking Academy Program


Routers and Routing Basics CCNA 2 Labs and Study Guide supplements version 3.1.1 of the Cisco Networking Academy® Program CCNA® 2 course. This Guide maximizes your understanding of:

  • Configuring a router
  • Managing Cisco IOS® Software
  • Selecting a routing protocol
  • Verifying and troubleshooting a network
  • Implementing basic security with access control lists


Each chapter contains a Study Guide section and a Lab Exercises section. Keep all your completed work on hand in this book to study from later, or take advantage of the perforated pages to tear out and hand in specific material for homework assignments.


Study Guide

Over 200 exercises in this book help you learn the concepts and configurations crucial to your success as a CCNA exam candidate. Each chapter is slightly different and includes some or all the following types of exercises:

  • Vocabulary matching and completion
  • Skill building activities and scenarios
  • Configuration scenarios
  • Concept questions
  • Journal entries
  • Internet research


Lab Exercises

The Lab Exercises sections begin with a Command Reference exercise to help you review all the commands covered in the chapter. The book includes all 55 labs from the online course with an additional 15 labs in which you can apply your knowledge about the technologies and concepts introduced. You will get ample opportunity for hands-on practice in three different types of labs:

  • Curriculum Labs are step-by-step exercises designed to introduce you to new concepts. Presenting you with detailed instructions and sometimes additional explanations for completing the lab, Curriculum Labs come directly from the CCNA 2 online course.
  • Comprehensive Labs combine the concepts learned from the course and Curriculum Labs into new experiments. These Exercises provide minimal guidance. You are encouraged to complete the Curriculum Labs before moving on to a Comprehensive Lab.
  • Challenge Labs are unique labs requiring a thorough understanding of the previously learned network concepts. You should complete all Curriculum Labs and Comprehensive Labs before attempting a Challenge Lab.


Additionally, the appendix includes a CCNA 2 Skills-Based Assessment practice lab.


After completing all the exercises and hands-on labs in this book, you will be well prepared to continue your networking education in the CCNA courses that follow.


Use this book with:

Routers and Routing Basics

CCNA 2 Companion Guide

ISBN: 1-58713-166-8


Allan Johnson is an information technology instructor at Mary Carroll High School and Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, Texas. Since 2003, Allan has committed much of his time and energy to the CCNA Instructional Support team, creating training materials and providing services for instructors worldwide. He is a familiar voice on the Cisco Networking Academy Community forum “Ask the Experts” series.


This book is part of the Cisco Networking Academy Program Series from Cisco Press®. The products in this series support and complement the Cisco Networking Academy Program online curriculum.




Allan Johnson entered the academic world in 1999 after 10 years as a business owner/operator to dedicate his efforts to his passion for teaching. He has an MBA and an M.Ed in occupational training and develop­ment. Allan is currently pursuing an MS in information security. He is an information technology instruc­tor at Mary Carroll High School and Del Mar College in Corpus Christi, Texas. Since 2003, Allan has committed much of his time and energy to the CCNA Instructional Support Team providing services for instructors worldwide and creating training materials. He is a familiar voice on the Cisco Networking Academy Community forum, “Ask the Experts” series. He currently holds CCNA and CCAI certifications.