Art of Network Architecture, The: Business-Driven Design

Cisco Press
Russ White / Denise Donohue  
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April 2014
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Art of Network Architecture, The: Business-Driven Design
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The Art of Network Architecture is the first book that places business needs and capabilities at the center of the process of architecting and evolving networks, where it belongs. Three pioneering network architects show how to evaluate both business and application requirements from a network designer’s perspective, identifying crucial upfront questions that can help the reader shape networks that support current business strategy and provide flexibility for the future.


  • The first business-centered, business-driven guide to architecting and evolving networks
  • Teaches to ask the right business questions upfront, to evaluate business and application requirements from a network designer’s perspective
  • Three chapter-length case studies: designing an L3VPN core, outsourcing to cloud services, and supporting BYOD
  • Written by three of the world’s most experienced and successful network architects
  • This book will come with power points of the book's figures to assist in classroom use.

Table of Contents

Introduction xx

Part I Framing the Problem

Chapter 1 Business and Technology 1

Business Drives Technology 2

    The Business Environment 2

        The Big Picture 3

        The Competition 4

    The Business Side of the Network 5

        Technologies and Applications 5

        Network Evaluation 6

    The Network’s Customers 6

        Internal Users 7

        External Users 8

        Guest Users 9

Technology Drives Business 9

Part II Business-Driven Design

Chapter 2 Designing for Change 11

Organic Growth and Decline 12

Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestments 14

Centralizing Versus Decentralizing 15

Chapter 3 Improving Business Operations 19

Workflow 19

    Matching Data Flow and Network Design 20

        Person-to-Person Communication 21

        Person-to-Machine Communication 21

        Machine-to-Machine Communication 22

        Bringing It All Together 23


    BYOD Options 24

    BYOD Design Considerations 27

    BYOD Policy 28

Business Continuity 29

    Business Continuity Versus Disaster Recovery 29

    Business Continuity Planning 30

    Business Continuity Design Considerations 31

Summary 33

Part III Tools of the Trade

Chapter 4 Models 35

The Seven-Layer Model 36

    Problems with the Seven-Layer Model 38

The Four-Layer Model 38

Iterative Layering Model 39

    Connection-Oriented and Connectionless 41

A Hybrid Model 42

    The Control Plane 43

        What Am I Trying to Reach? 43

        Where Is It? 44

        How Do I Get There? 45

        Other Network Metadata 46

    Control Plane Relationships 46

        Routing 46

        Quality of Service 48

        Network Measurement and Mana


Russ White, CCIE No. 2635, is a principal engineer in the IPOS team at Ericsson. He has worked in routing protocols and routed network design for the past 15 years. Russ has spoken at Cisco Live, Interop, LACNOG, and other global industry venues. He is actively involved in the IETF and the ISOC, has co-authored more than 30 software patents in the area of network protocols, and has co-authored nine books in the area of network protocols, design, and architecture. He holds a Master of Information Technology in Network Design and Architecture from Capella University and a Master of Christian Ministry in Christian literature from Shepherds Theological Seminary.


Denise Donohue, CCIE No. 9566 (Routing and Switching), is a senior solutions architect with Chesapeake NetCraftsmen. Denise has worked with computer systems since the mid-1990s, focusing on network design since 2004. During that time she has designed for a wide range of networks, private and public, of all sizes, across most industries. Denise has also authored or co-authored many Cisco Press books covering data and voice networking technologies and spoken at Cisco Live and other industry events.