Service-Oriented Infrastructure:On-Premise and in the Cloud

Prentice Hall
Thomas Erl / Mark Little / Arnaud Simon / Thomas Rischbeck / Anthony Assi / David Chappell  
Prentice Hall
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September 2014
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction TE, ML (JANUARY)
Chapter 2 Case Studies TRI, AS (DECEMBER)
PART I: Introduction
Chapter 3 The Origins of the ESB ML (DECEMBER)
Chapter 4 SOA and the ESB ALL (NOVEMBER)
PART II: The Architecture of ESB
Chapter 5 Architectural Components of an ideal ESB ML (SEPTEMBER)
Chapter 6 Process Management (Orchestration and Choreography) ML (OCTOBER)
Chapter 7 Policy Definition and Enforcement AS (JUNE)
Chapter 8 Rules Engines and Content Based Routing AS (MAY)
Chapter 9 Transformation Engines and Brokerage Services ML, AS (JULY)
Chapter 10 Combining SOA and EDA TRI (JUNE)
Chapter 11 ESB and Standards ML, TRI (MAY)
PART III: Infrastructure and Governance
Chapter 12 Service Lifecycles and SLAs ML (JUNE)
Chapter 13 Service Versioning AS (AUGUST)
Chapter 14 Registries and Repositories AS (SEPTEMBER)
Chapter 15 Security TRI (OCTOBER)
PART IV: Practical ESB
Chapter 16 Organizational Processes and Strategies AS (JANUARY)
Chapter 17 ESB Usage Scenarios TRI (JANUARY)
Chapter 18 ESB Product Types TRI (JULY)


Thomas Erl is the world's top-selling SOA author, Series Editor of the Prentice Hall Service-Oriented Computing Series from Thomas Erl, Editor of SOA Magazine, and member of several OASIS technical committees driving SOA standards. Dr. Mark Little,  Vice President at Red Hat, where he leads JBoss technical direction, research and development . Dr. Arnaud Simon, principal software engineer for Red Hat's strategic messaging and ESB products, was ESB/SOA architect for Innovation Process Technology. Dr. Thomas Rischbeck, senior architect for Innovation Process Technology, has extensive SOA/ESB experience. Dave Chappell, of Chappell Consulting Corp, is an independent consultant focusing on Service-orientation, architecture, grid and cloud computing.  Chappell has 30 years of experience in the software industry covering a broad range of roles in leading edge architecture. Tom Plunkett is a senior consultant with Oracle.  Tom has written books and has spoken internationally at over thirty conferences and delivered hundreds of presentations worldwide on the subjects of Big Data, Cloud Computing, Java, and Service-Oriented Architecture.  Dr Anna Liu is currently the Research Group Leader for Software Systems at National ICT Australia (NICTA), where she leads an R&D program on Enterprise Software and Cloud Computing.  Herbj√∂rn Wilhelmsen is a Software & Innovation Independent Professional based in Stockholm, Sweden. His main focus areas are Cloud Computing, SOA and Innovation.  Dr. Pethuru Raj Cheliah has been working as a TOGAF-certified enterprise architecture (EA) consultant in Wipro Technologies, Bangalore.  He has more than 12 years of IT industry experience.