Brilliant Assertiveness

Prentice Hall
Dannie Lu Carr  
Prentice Hall
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May 2012

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Brilliant Assertiveness
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Being assertive means that you are self-assured know what you want from life, are happy to stand up for yourself and have the respect of those around you. Do you want to be like this? This book will show you how!

Practical and easy to read, it looks at what it means to be assertive in today’s world. As well as containing plenty of exercises and case studies, it also includes a personal plan which can be adapted by you to suit the issues you are facing.

Table of Contents

About the author



Part 1: What’s It All About?

Chapter 1: What does being assertive really mean?

Chapter 2: Why we do too much for people

Chapter 3: What we’re told to do

Chapter 4: So who are you really?

Chapter 5: Over-assertiveness and over-compensation

Part 2: Taking Charge of It All

Chapter 6: Talking the talk

Chapter 7: Walking the walk

Chapter 8: You are worth it

Chapter 9:  Working with what you know

Chapter 10: Tips 'n' tricks

Chapter 11: Changing your assertiveness habits for good in 14 days




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Imagine this...



…you get everything you want in life. Sounds good doesn’t it? But what does it mean?


Well, it means you’re perfectly happy to ask for what you want. You set your own priorities, decide what to do and when; you are self-assured and respected by those around you… and yourself. And when you are facing a challenge, you know how to look for solutions and handle the situation with confidence.


Sounds really good now doesn’t it?  Is it too good to be true? No. It’s what assertive people experience everyday. And the good news is that anyone can learn to be assertive using the techniques in this book.



Brilliant Outcomes

ð     Understand how to become more assertive

ð     Learn all the tools and techniques you need and adapt them to suit you

ð     Take control and live the life you want to lead


Dannie Lu Carris a partner at Impact Factory, a leading consultancy in skills training including assertiveness, leadership, presentation skills and creativity. Her work is centred round empowering the individual or team by looking at everyday matters around confidence, communication and creativity. She has worked with global businesses and is in demand as a speaker for a wide range of organisations. Dannie also works as a writer, director, actor, voiceover artist and acting coach.