Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++

Bjarne Stroustrup  
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May 2014
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Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++


An introduction to programming by the inventor of C++,  Programming prepares students for programming in the real world. This book assumes that they aim eventually to write non-trivial programs, whether for work in software development or in some other technical field. It explains fundamental concepts and techniques in greater depth than traditional introductions. This approach gives students a solid foundation for writing useful, correct, maintainable, and efficient code. This book is an introduction to programming in general, including object-oriented programming and generic programming. It is also a solid introduction to the C++ programming language, one of the most widely used languages for real-world software. It presents modern C++ programming techniques from the start, introducing the C++ standard library to simplify programming tasks.


  • Teaches new programmers the basics of real-world programming
  • Helps practicing programmers update or improve their skills, learn C++ as a new language, or brush up on C++ best practices
  • The content and approach have been tested on thousands of beginning programmers
  • Updated for C++11 and C++14

New to this Edition

Updated for C++11 and C++14

Testing chapter has been eliminated.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 0: Notes to the Reader
  • Chapter 1: Computers, People, and Programming
  • Chapter 2: Hello, World!
  • Chapter 3: Objects, Types, and Values
  • Chapter 4: Computation
  • Chapter 5: Errors
  • Chapter 6: Writing a Program
  • Chapter 7: Completing a Program
  • Chapter 8: Technicalities: Functions, etc.
  • Chapter 9: Technicalities: Classes, etc
  • Chapter 10: Input and Output Streams
  • Chapter 11: Customizing Input and Output
  • Chapter 12: A Display Model
  • Chapter 13: Graphics Classes
  • Chapter 14: Graphics Class Design
  • Chapter 15: Graphing Functions and Data
  • Chapter 16: Graphical User Interfaces
  • Chapter 17: Vector and Free Store
  • Chapter 18: Vectors and Arrays
  • Chapter 19: Vector, Templates, and Exceptions
  • Chapter 20: Containers and Iterators
  • Chapter 21: Algorithms and Maps
  • Chapter 22: Ideals and History
  • Chapter 23: Text Manipulation
  • Chapter 24: Numerics
  • Chapter 25: Embedded Systems Programming
  • Chapter 26: Testing
  • Chapter 27: The C Programming Language



Bjarne Stroustrup is the designer and original implementer of C++, as well as the author of The C++ Programming Language, Fourth Edition (Addison-Wesley, 2013), and A Tour of C++ (Addison-Wesley, 2014) and many popular and academic publications. Dr. Stroustrup is a managing director at Morgan Stanley in New York City, as well as a visiting professor at Columbia University and a Research distinguished professor at Texas A&M University. He is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering, an IEEE Fellow, and an ACM fellow. His research interests include distributed systems, design, programming techniques, software development tools, and programming languages. He is actively involved in the ISO standardization of C++.