Introduction to XML and Web Technologies, An

Anders Moller / Michael Schwartzbach  
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January 2006
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Introduction to XML and Web Technologies, An
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This thoroughly class tested text and online tutorial gives a complete introduction to the essentials of the XML standard. It will teach students how to apply web technologies to develop XML based web applications.  Through the book, the student will build applications that work together to construct interesting and workable web applications. 


  • Relies exclusively on open source Java software, and will be tied closely to the online material. 
  • Contains a finely tuned progression of ideas, examples and details.
  • Shows how to use XML in modern web applications.
  • Backs up a thorough treatment of its key points with clear, practical examples.
  • Offers insight and understanding of the concepts, their importance and their application.
  • Offers a rigorous look at existing standards.

Additional Support Material

  • Learning outcomes.
  • Links to relevant online resources.
  • Online tests.
  • Live code for all examples and applications.

Table of Contents





I: XML Technologies

1. HTML and Web Pages

2. XML Documents

3. Navigating XML Trees with XPath

4. Schema Languages

5. Transforming XML Documents with XSLT

6. Querying XML Documents with XQuery

7. XML Programming


II: Web Technologies

8. The HTTP Protocol

9. Programming Web Applications with Servlets

10. Programming Web Applications with JSP

11. Web Services

12. A Complete Application





Back Cover

'A superb summary of the main Web technologies. It is broad and deep, giving you enough detail to get real work done. Eminently readable with excellent examples and touches of humour. This book is a gem.' – Prof. Philip Wadler, Edinburgh University.


“A unique, detailed, and technically sophisticated introduction to current XML and Web technologies” – Jan Chomicki, Buffalo University.


The evolution of the World Wide Web has been staggering. To support the ever-increasing demands we make on the Web’s capabilities, there has been an explosion of technologies, protocols and standards that all promise to make the Web Developer's life easier, such as XML, XML Schema, XSLT, XQuery, JDOM, Servlets, JSP, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI.


In An Introduction to XML and Web Technologies, Anders Møller and Michael Schwartzbach expertly decipher this alphabet soup of Web technologies. They lucidly describe the technical features of each standard, compare closely related technologies and show how to implement them in various application scenarios. Part One of this book covers the key XML schema and transformation languages and explains how XML can co-exist with general purpose programming languages. Part Two describes technologies for building Web servers and the standards for defining, publishing and connecting to Web services. This book is essential reading for students on Web development or XML courses, as well as practitioners seeking to improve their insight into this exciting subject area.




·        Covers the most important XML and Web technologies in a concise and easy to understand fashion.

·        Examples throughout and exercises at the end of every chapter to maximize understanding.

·        Introduces cutting edge research developments.

·        Comprehensive lists of online resources and further reading to aid development in each area.

·        Outstanding supporting material available at the accompanying website:


Anders Møller and Michael Schwartzbach both teach at the prestigious BRICS research center at the University of Aarhus.