SEO Made Easy: Everything You Need to Know About SEO and Nothing More

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December 2013
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SEO Made Easy: Everything You Need to Know About SEO and Nothing More
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How do people find you? They search. Simple, right? So, why does Search Engine Optimisation seem so complicated? Search engines and consultants love it that way. If you don’t understand SEO, you’ll pay big bucks for a job you could easily do yourself…if you read SEO Made Easy!

Evan Bailyn has spent his days uncovering secret search engine rules and finding new ways to outsmart them. Now, he has distilled those secrets into real, gritty, proven, simple tactics for grabbing top spots at Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. From earning trust to improving conversion rates, all you need to build a thriving business with search is here!

  • Build online trust, the #1 currency of search success
  • Supercharge your results with all five key ingredients of Google optimisation
  • Reel in links with 17 up-to-the-minute, link-building strategies
  • Use the Nuclear Football: today’s #1 technique for attracting targeted traffic
  • Track traffic, engagement, conversions, and the effectiveness of each site element
  • Escape dangerous new myths of Google optimisation and avoid disastrous “black hat” SEO techniques
  • Systematically convert strong SEO results into real paying customers
  • Prepare for the revolution in social search that’s barreling toward you
  • Use keyword tools to uncover underserved, high-profit business niches
  • Leverage your content investments to forge powerful new relationships and partnerships


  • Modern SEO explained in plain English, with clear examples, and step-by-step guidance
  • By Evan Bailyn, renowned author of Outsmarting Google: this is a radically updated and improved version of Bailyn’s previous global best-seller

New to this Edition

Reflecting massive change in the industry and extensive readership feedback, this is a fully revamped and updated edition of Evan Bailyn’s SEO best-seller Outsmarting Google. It contains two new chapters, full coverage of Google’s latest algorithm shifts, and a deep exploration of the all-important topic of social search.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction 
  • Chapter 1  Trust: The Currency of Google   
  • Chapter 2  The Five Ingredients of Google Optimization    
  • Chapter 3  How to Reel In Links    
  • Chapter 4  Using Time to Gain Trust    
  • Chapter 5  The Nuclear Football    
  • Chapter 6  Tracking Your Progress with Google Analytics and Other Helpful Tools    
  • Chapter 7  Google Optimization Myths    
  • Chapter 8  White Hat Versus Black Hat SEO    
  • Chapter 9  Optimizing for Yahoo! and Bing    
  • Chapter 10  Converting Your SEO Results into Paying Customers   
  • Chapter 11  Social Search: The Intersection of Social Media and SEO   
  • Chapter 12  Using SEO to Build a Business  
  • Index 


Evan Bailyn is an Internet entrepreneur and the author of Outsmarting Googleand Outsmarting Social Media. He is primarily known as a search engine optimization expert, having used his ability to rank at the top of Google to build and sell five businesses, including one of the largest children’s websites online.

Currently, he offers marketing services through his company, First Page Sage. Under Evan’s tutelage, clients have established multimillion dollar businesses, become New York Times bestsellers, clinched top sports awards, and won key elections. As the founder of the Evan Bailyn Foundation, he helps to promote emotional awareness in children and adults.

Mr. Bailyn has been interviewed on ABC and Fox News and featured in Forbes, New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Advertising Age, and Money Magazine. He is a frequent speaker, having keynoted numerous national conferences.