Bootstrap in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself

Jennifer Kyrnin  
Sams Publishing
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November 2015

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Bootstrap in 24 Hours, Sams Teach Yourself
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This book is a quick, hands-on introduction to building responsive web sites with the powerful yet easy to use Bootstrap front end framework. Sams Teach Yourself Bootstrap in 24 Hours breaks down Bootstrap into small, manageable chunks, presented in an easily digested format. Students will learn to use responsive web design techniques to build websites that automatically reflect each user's device size, screen resolution, and other aspects of the viewing experience -- simplified with the Bootstrap framework. The book teaches how to download and integrate Bootstrap, work with Bootstrap's grid-based layouts, utilize resources to integrate base CSS, navigation systems, JavaScript/jQuery, and advanced CSS styling, and to rapidly create visually appealing functional prototypes with Bootstrap.


  • The quick, hands-on guide to building responsive web sites with the powerful, easy Bootstrap front end framework
  • Covers GitHub's most popular project: the best new toolset for designing web sites that easily adapt to any screen resolution
  • Shows how each of Bootstrap's components come together: grid-based layout, base CSS, navigation, JavaScript integration, and more

Table of Contents


Part I: Getting Started with Bootstrap

Hour 1: What Is Bootstrap, and Why You Should Use It

What Is a Web Framework?

What Is Bootstrap?

How Is Bootstrap Different from Other Frameworks?

Why You Should Use Bootstrap

Hour 2: Downloading and Installing Bootstrap

Where to Get Bootstrap

Other Ways to Get Bootstrap

Hour 3: Build Your First Bootstrap Website with the Basic Template

The Minimum Bootstrap Page

The Basic Bootstrap Template

More Bootstrap Sample Templates

Hour 4: Understanding Normalize.CSS and the Basics of Bootstrap CSS

What Is Normalize.CSS?

Understanding the Bootstrap Infrastructure

Part II: Building and Managing Web Pages with Bootstrap

Hour 5: Grids and How to Use Them

Grids in Design

The Bootstrap Grid System

How to Create Grids in Bootstrap

Responsive Web Layouts in Bootstrap

Hour 6: Labels, Badges, Panels, Wells, and the Jumbotron

Labels and Badges

Wells and Panels

The Jumbotron

Hour 7: Bootstrap Typography

Basic Typography in Bootstrap


Body Copy Text

Other Text Blocks

Hour 8: Styling Tables

Basic Tables

Bootstrap Table Classes

Panels with Tables

Responsive Tables

Hour 9: Styling Forms

Basic Forms

Form Controls Supported by Bootstrap

Input Groups

Interactivity in Bootstrap Forms

Hour 10: Images, Media Objects, and Glyphicons


Media Objects



Hour 11: Styling and Using Buttons and Button Groups

Basic Buttons

Button Groups

Button JavaScript

Hour 12: Creating Navigation Systems with Bootstrap

Standard Navigation Elements



Changing the Navbar Colors and Alignment

Breadcrumbs and Pagination

List Groups

Hour 13: Bootstrap Utilities

Helper Classes

Responsive Utilities

Print Classes

Responsive Embed

Accessibility in Bootstrap

Part III: Bootstrap JavaScript Plugins

Hour 14: Using Bootstrap JavaScript Plugins

How to Use Bootstrap JavaScript Plugins

Setting Options for Plugins

Using the JavaScript API

Hour 15: Modal Windows

What Is a Modal Window?

How to Build a Modal Window

Modifying Modals

Hour 16: Affix, Tab, and ScrollSpy




Using These Plugins Together

Hour 17: Popovers and Tooltips



Hour 18: Transitions, Buttons, Alerts, and Progress Bars




Progress Bars

Hour 19: Collapse and Accordion

The Collapse Plugin


Hour 20: Carousels

Creating Carousels

Using the Carousel Plugin

Carousels on the Web

Part IV: Customizing Bootstrap

Hour 21: Customizing Bootstrap and Your Bootstrap Website

Using Your Own CSS

Using the Bootstrap Customizer

Using a Third-Party Bootstrap Customizer

Hour 22: Making Bootstrap Accessible

What Is Accessibility?

Accessible Design in Bootstrap

Tricks for Making Bootstrap Sites Accessible

Hour 23: Using Less and Sass with Bootstrap

What Is a CSS Preprocessor?

Using Less

Using Sass

Hour 24: Going Further with Bootstrap

Bootstrap Editors

Using Bootstrap in WordPress

Extending Bootstrap with Third-Party Add-ons

The Bootstrap Community

Beautiful Bootstrap Websites

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Jennifer Kyrnin has been teaching HTML, XML, and Web design online since 1997. She has built and maintained websites of all sizes from small, single-page brochure sites to large, million-page databased sites for international audiences. She focuses on responsive design using Bootstrap and WordPress. She lives with her husband and son and numerous animals on a small farm in Washington state.