CCNA Cloud Official Cert Guide Library (Exams CLDFND 210-451 and CLDADM 210-455)

Cisco Press
Chris Jackson / Hank A. A. Preston / Steve Wasko / Gustavo A. A. Santana  
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June 2016
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CCNA Cloud Official Cert Guide Library (Exams CLDFND 210-451 and CLDADM 210-455)
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&>CCNA Cloud CLDFND Official Cert Guide is a comprehensive self-study guide that provides a thorough coverage of all topics from the exam’s blueprint. The book explores concepts, features, and designs to provide an adequate understanding about cloud environments and their particular infrastructure requirements. It also follows a logical order and practical approach, both designed to offer the reader a gradual and rich experience. At first sight, both CCNA Cloud and CCNA Data Center certifications may appear to share a considerable number of topics related to Cisco Data Center portfolio. However, this book presents these products and technologies through a “cloud perspective”, highlighting how these solutions fulfill basic cloud computing requirements, such as automation and standardization.


CCNA Cloud CLDADM Official Cert Guide is a self-study guide all of the topics from the corresponding Cisco exam’s blueprint. This book delves in to the many operational and administrative processes and tasks that would be required to successfully operate a Cisco Cloud environment. By providing an operational spin on Cloud, it compliments other technology focused books by drilling down into the practical skills needed for the care feeding and feeding of your company’s cloud deployment. The book is broken up into 4 sections. The first section starts with foundational topics that level set the reader on key concepts and background necessary to provide context on why cloud is important to transform into an agile, flexible, and operationally efficient business. Section 2 provides an overview of the Cisco technology and software suites relevant to the exam.  Section 3 delves into Cloud administration and operations concepts like deploying virtual machines and application containers, managing role based access control, services catalogs, and reporting and chargeback systems. Section 4 closes out the book by exploring cloud monitoring, capacity planning, and remediation methodologies.

Table of Contents

CCNA Cloud CLDFND 210-451 Official Cert Guide

Chapter 1: “What is Cloud Computing?”

Chapter 2: “Cloud Shapes: Service Models”

Chapter 3: “Cloud Heights: Administrative Domains”

Chapter 4: “Behind the Curtain”

Chapter 5: “Server Virtualization and Cloud Workloads”

Chapter 6: “Virtual and Cloud Networking”

Chapter 7: “Network Architectures for Cloud”

Chapter 8: “Cloud Storage”

Chapter 9: “Unified Computing for the Cloud”

Chapter 10: “Cloud Building Blocks”

Appendix A: “Cisco Cloud Solutions Portfolio”

Appendix B: “Answers to Pre-assessments and Quizzes”

CCNA Cloud CLDADM 210-455 Official Cert Guide

Part 1:Cloud Admin Fundamentals
Chapter 1: Introduction to Cloud

Chapter 2: Cloud: A new operating model for IT
Chapter 3: The Cloud Operational Journey


Part 2:Cloud Technologies

Chapter 4: Cloud Automation/Orchestration Suites
Chapter 5: Cloud Management

Chapter 6: Cloud Infrastructure


Part 3:Cloud Administration and Operations

Chapter 7: Managing Users and groups

Chapter 8: Virtual Machine Management

Chapter 9: Deploying Virtual App Containers
Chapter 10: Chargeback, Billing, and Reporting

Chapter 11: UCD and Prime Services Catalog

Chapter 12: PSC Provisioning and Verification


Section 4: Cloud Management, Monitoring, and Remediation

Chapter 13: Performance and Capacity Management

Chapter 14: Cloud Monitoring with PSC, UCSD and Cisco Prime Infrastructure

Appendix A: “Cisco Cloud Solutions Portfolio”

Appendix B: “Answers to Pre-assessments and Quizzes”