The Speed Reading Book

Tony Buzan  
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December 2009

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The Speed Reading Book
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To survive in this fast-moving, ever-changing world we all have to move fast and think fast to keep up. With so much to do and less and less time to do it, our free time is an increasingly precious commodity.


So, if there was a simple way to save hours, days or even months of your time, you’d probably want to know about it – right?


Well there is, and it’s Speed Reading.


Imagine the time you could save, and all the amazing new information you could consume, if you were able to read at speeds of over 1000 words per-minute.


And we don’t mean just simple skim-reading, but also properly and completely comprehending, understanding and retaining the information you’ve read.


This fully revised and updated edition of the powerful book from the world-renowned authority Tony Buzan, will show you exactly how you can quickly start to read at amazing speeds.


Speed Readingis simple to follow, easy to understand and fun too. You’ll find out how fast your reading speed is now and then discover  how you could be reading dramatically faster in no time. And you won’t just improve your reading speed, but your concentration and comprehension levels will soar too.


The techniques in the book are ideal for teachers, students or executives – indeed, anyone who wants to improve the speed, comprehension and quality of their reading.


The benefits of speed reading are numerous, no matter where or why you read. You’ll be able to zip through whole novels in one sitting; you’ll speed through newspapers and magazines in minutes; you’ll be the envy of your colleagues as you consume and understand business reports in record time.


Speed Readingwill revolutionise the way you read. You’ll save days, weeks even months of your precious time; you’ll learn more efficiently and quickly; and you’ll be left marvelling at your new-found speed-reading abilities.

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Double, triple or even quadruple your current reading speed!


Right now vast amounts of data are being produced and transferred around the world. Each year this equates to millions of times more than the information contained in every single book ever published. To succeed in this age of information overload, we need to have skills that enable us to take in and assimilate a lot of information fast.


The Speed Reading Bookwill transform the way you read forever. Tony Buzan’s fifty years of practice and research in speed reading will give you revolutionary reading techniques that have produced some of the fastest speed readers in the world, including the current World Speed Reading Champion. As well as dramatically improving your reading speed, you’ll think faster, more creatively and sharpen your memory.


Speed reading will save weeks, months and even years of your time. Ready to learn one of the most valuable organisational skills in the 21st century? Read on!


I learnt to speed read from Tony Buzan’s clear, step-by-step approach - it's the essential guide to speed reading success!

Anne Jones, six times winner of the World Speed R

eading Championship