FCE Gold Plus

NEW for the December 2008 exam, Gold Plus is the updated edition of Gold, the trusted exam preparation course for adult and young adult learners. It combines a thorough exam syllabus with enjoyable topics and tasks making it a popular choice for teachers around the world.

Product Price CHF Available  
Coursebook with iTest CD-ROM
Maximiser with key and Audio CD
Teacher's Book
49.90 not defined
Class CD 1-3
75.60 approx. 7-9 days

  • Deliver enjoyable, communicative classes with a strong emphasis on personalisation
  • Build your students' confidence with the regular review sections, progress tests, and exam tips and strategies
  • Give your students extensive exam practice with the Exam Maximiser and additional exam activities on the CD-ROM
  • Allow them to test themselves and monitor their own performance using the fully interactive iTests