NorthStar Listening and Speaking 2 w/MyEnglishLab Online Workbook and Resources

Laurie L Frazier / Robin Mills  
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August 2019

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NorthStar Listening and Speaking 2 w/MyEnglishLab Online Workbook and Resources
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NorthStar is a five-level, two-strand (Reading & Writing and Listening & Speaking) integrated-skills English course that empowers adult and young adult English language learners to achieve their academic and personal goals. Engaging content, integrated skills, and critical thinking continue to be the touchstones of the series.

NorthStar is rigorous in its approach to critical thinking by systematically engaging students in tasks and activities that prepare them to move into high-level academic courses. The cognitive domains of Bloom’s taxonomy provide the foundation for the critical thinking activities. The Reading & Writing strands are designed to challenge students to move beyond basic comprehension to higher-level analysis.


  • Explicit language-skills development throughout each unit provides students with systematic and multiple exposures to language forms and structures in a variety of contexts.
  •  Concise presentations and targeted practice in print and online build students’ language proficiency.
  • Productive vocabulary and grammar structures are targeted, reviewed, practiced, and expanded upon for the final speaking task.
  •  Group projects inspire students to inquire further and prepare students to engage in real-world activities. The projects incorporate Internet research, helping students build digital literacy skills.
  • A variety of online assessments tied to learning outcomes allows teachers to individualize instruction and track student progress.

New to this Edition

  • New and updated content with a new theme keeps students motivated. Current and thought-provoking listenings from a variety of contrasting genres stimulate students intellectually and encourage personal expression and critical thinking.
  • Learning outcomes are created using the Global Scale of English (GSE) so students can see their progress more easily. Learning outcomes are present at the opening and closing of each unit to clearly mark what is covered in the unit and encourage both pre- and post-unit self-reflection.
  • Note-taking is a skill in every unit. Grounded in the foundations of the Cornell Method of note-taking, the new note-taking practice is structured to allow students to reflect on and organize their notes, focusing on the most important points.
  • Scaffolded critical thinking activities are clearly marked to help students develop their academic skills. Activities within the unit are structured to follow the stages of Bloom’s taxonomy from remember to create.
  • Academic Word List words are highlighted to help students identify essential vocabulary.
  • New and updated activities in MyEnglishLab provide additional practice online.
  • Pearson Practice English App allows students to complete activities, listen to audio, and watch video on the go.
  • ExamView Test Generator allows teachers to customize assessments.

Table of Contents

Welcome to NorthStar, Fifth Edition 
Scope and Sequence
UNIT 1 Offbeat Jobs
UNIT 2 Where Does the Time Go?
UNIT 3 A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned
UNIT 4 What Happened to Etiquette?
UNIT 5 The Sounds of Our Lives
UNIT 6 Everyday Heroes
UNIT 7 Take Care of Yourself 
UNIT 8 Endangered Languages
Expand Vocabulary
Academic Word List Vocabulary 
Grammar Book References
Audio Script
The Phonetic Alphabet