RoadMap A2+ Student's Book with Online Practice, Digital Resources & App Pack

Lindsay Warwick / Damian Williams  
April 2019

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RoadMap A2+ Student's Book & eBook with Online Practice
1 July 2021 64.90


The Students' Book includes:

  • Ten units with three main input lessons link to three Develop your listening, reading and writing skills lessons.
  • An English in Action lesson in each unit covers key functional language with video clips and worksheets.
  • In each main lesson the Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation lead up to a speaking task based on GSE learning objectives.
  • Check and reflect pages at the end of each unit help show learners how their confidence and mastery of spoken language has improved.
  • A Vocabulary bank provides extension of some of the key vocabulary sets in each unit with a focus on important areas such as word-building, collocation etc.
  • Key language is presented and cross-referenced to a Grammar Reference and practice bank at the back of the book.
  • Audio, video, scripts, word lists available online.
Mobile Practice App
Extra grammar and vocabulary exercises on the app help students consolidate language points covered in the Students’ Book. These are further practice activities.

Table of Contents

  • 1A: Getting to know you
  • 1B: Successful people
  • 1C: A new lifestyle
  • 1D: English in action
  • 2A: One of those days
  • 2B: You're never too old
  • 2C: Unusual tastes
  • 2D: English in action
  • 3A: Urban escapes
  • 3B: A place to stay
  • 3C: Never ever
  • 3D: English in action
  • 4A: Special days
  • 4B: Planning events
  • 4C: Rules of the race
  • 5A: The right person
  • 5B: Appearances
  • 5C: Shopping tips
  • 5D: English in action
  • 6A: Happiness
  • 6B: A busy week
  • 6C: A quiet weekend
  • 6D: English in action
  • 7A: The building project
  • 7B: Where I grew up
  • 7C: A favourite room
  • 7D: English in action
  • 8A: Special photos
  • 8B: Getting around
  • 8C: Dream holidays
  • 8D: English in action
  • 9A: Good friends
  • 9B: What's on?
  • 9C: School days
  • 9D: English in action
  • 10A: Save or spend?
  • 10B: Everyday objects
  • 10C: Ususual hobbies
  • 10D: English in action

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