New: Focus on Grammar 3rd Edition Level 2 Teacher's Manual

New: Focus on Grammar 3rd Edition Level 2 Teacher's Manual - Irene E. Schoenberg - 9780131899735 - Grammar and Structure - Practice Materials (141)
Prentice Hall
Irene E. Schoenberg  
November 2005

Level 2

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New: Focus on Grammar 3rd Edition Level 2 Teacher's Manual
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Focus on Grammar is a fully contextualized course that integrates grammar and communication skills. The new edition retains its unique four-step approach, thematic instruction, and comprehensive grammar presentation and practice. New to the third edition are a full color design, streamlined Notes and Examples, a complete assessment pack and new CD-ROM.


Features and Benefits

  • F: Integrated Skills
  • B: Students develop all language skills. Grammar is a tool not an end.
  • F: Engaging, varied topics
  • B: Ensures a high level of student interest.
  • F: Varied practice ranging from controlled to open ended
  • B: Students have opportunities to focus on form and meaning and to communicate freely.
  • F: Clear, comprehensive presentation of grammar points
  • B: Makes it easy to teach and easy for students to learn.
  • F: New Assessment Pack
  • B: Screens and places students in appropriate level. Provides diagnostic and achievement tests for all Parts and achievement tests for all Units.
  • F: New CD-ROM
  • B: Provides comprehensive, interactive practice of all skills and assessment with individualized feedback and remediation.

Back Cover

The Teacher's Manual contains a variety of suggestions and information to enrich the material in the Student Book. It includes general teaching suggestions for each section of a typical unit, answers to frequently asked questions, unit-by-unit teaching tips with ideas for further communicative practice, and a supplementary listening activity section. Answers to the Student Book exercises and audioscripts of the listening activities are found at the back of the Teacher's Manual. Also included in the Teacher's Manual is a CD-ROM that includes PowerPoint presentations that offer alternative ways of presenting selected grammar structures.


Focus on Grammar helps students understand and practice English grammar through contextualized listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities. Focus on Grammar combines controlled and communicative practice with critical thinking skills and ongoing assessment.