MyGrammarLab Elementary (A1/A2) Student Book (with Key) and MyLab

Diane Hall  
Pearson Longman
March 2012

Elementary (A1/A2)

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MyGrammarLab Elementary (A1/A2) Student Book (with Key) and MyLab


Welcome to MyGrammarLab – a three-level grammar series that teaches and practises grammar through a unique blend of book, online and mobile resources. We recommend that you read this introduction along with the guide on the inside front cover to find out how to get the most out of your course.

What level is MyGrammarLab?
The MyGrammarLab series takes learners from elementary to advanced grammar, each level benchmarked against the Common European Framework and providing grammar practice for Cambridge ESOL exams.

What is unique about MyGrammarLab?
MyGrammarLab offers every learner of English the opportunity to study grammar in the way that best suits their needs – and provides as much practice as necessary to ensure that each grammar point is learnt and can be used in the context of real communication.


  • clear and simple explanations based on the Longman Dictionaries Defining Vocabulary of just 2000 words to ensure full understanding of the grammar
  • natural examples to illustrate the grammar points, based on the Longman Corpus Network
  • a topic-based approach that presents grammar in context
  • a variety of exercise types – from drills to contextualised and personalised practice
  • a review section at the end of each module to revise the key grammar points
  • an exit test at the end of each module to check that the grammar has been fully understood
  • information on the pronunciation of grammar items
  • information on common errors and how to avoid making them
  • a grammar check section for quickly checking specific grammar points
  • a glossary of grammar terms used in the explanations
  • a grammar teacher who explains key grammar points through short video presentations
  • a full diagnostic test to identify the grammar points that need to be learnt
  • more practice for every unit of the book
  • regular progress tests to check that the grammar has been understood
  • catch-up exercises for learners who fail the progress tests – to ensure that every learner has the opportunity to master the grammar
  • a full exit test at the end of each module
  • automatic marking and feedback
  • pronunciation practice of grammar items
  • the option to listen and check the answers

Table of Contents

  • Using nounces
  • Pronouns and possessives
  • Prepositions
  • Adjectives and adverbs
  • Present tenses
  • Past tenses
  • Present perfect
  • Future forms
  • Modal verbs
  • Conditionals
  • Word order and sentence patterns
  • Questions
  • Verbs with -ing forms and infinitives
  • Reported statements and indirect questions
  • Relative clauses
  • Linking words
  • Passive forms
  • Words that go together
  • Forming words
  • Spoken English
  • Grammar check
  • Answer key
  • Pronunciation table

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