A World of Fiction: Twenty Timeless Short Stories 2 Book Paperback (limp)

Prentice Hall
Sybil Marcus
März 2006


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A World of Fiction 2: Timeless Short Stories
3 April 2014 36.70


Twenty unabridged short stories, many of which are recognized masterpieces, provide the basis for student exchange and debate. Advanced students will sharpen their reading, speaking, vocabulary and writing skills as they discover the pleasure and reward of reading fiction.

Loosely divided into four categories – Husbands, Wives and Lovers; Parent and Child; Loneliness and Alienation; Social Change and Injustice – the stories in this anthology embrace a variety of themes, literary and linguistic styles, and time frames.

Table of Contents

Husbands, Wives, and Lovers


1          CAN-CAN:     Arturo Vivante

    Literary Elements: Irony, Symbol

    Language Elements: Gerunds and Present Participles, Short Expressions Using And, Definitions


2          THE STORY OF AN HOUR:     Kate Chopin

    Literary Elements: Epiphany, Metaphor and Simile, Personification

    Language Elements: Suffixes, Prepositions


3          EPICAC:     Kurt Vonnegut

    Literary Elements: Personification, Colloquialism and Humor

    Language Elements: Lie/Lay, Two-Word Verbs, Idioms Containing Body Parts


4          THE LEGACY:     Virginia Woolf

    Literary Element: Point of View

    Language Element: Adjectives Describing Character


5          THE KUGELMASS EPISODE:     Woody Allen

    Literary Elements: Dialogue, Characterization: Flat Characters, Anachronism and Humor

    Language Elements: Verbs that Introduce Dialogue, Idioms


6          AN INTRUDER:     Nadine Gordimer

    Literary Elements: Imagery: Simile and Metaphor

    Language Elements: Adjective Clauses, Adjectives in Context



Parent and Child


7          POWDER:     Tobias Wolf

    Literary Elements: Repetition and Alliteration

    Language Elements: Participial Phrases, Dangling Modifiers, Sentence Fragments, Alliteration, Prepositions


8          MOTHER:     Grace Paley

    Literary Element: Flashback

    Language Elements: Past Tenses, Symbols


9          A SHORT DIGEST OF A LONG NOVEL:     Budd Schulberg

    Literary Elements: Imagery: Simile and Metaphor

    Language Elements: Prefixes, Similes and Metaphors, Word Sets


10        THE ROCKING-HORSE WINNER:     D.H. Lawrence

    Literary Elements: Symbol, Fable

    Language Elements: Proverbs, Idioms


11        THE BOARDING HOUSE:     James Joyce

    Literary Elements: Tone: Irony and Humor, Imagery: Adjectives, Oxymorons

    Language Elements: Oxymorons, Adjectives, Antonyms, Idioms


12        MY OEDIPUS COMPLEX:     Frank O'Connor

    Literary Element: Humorous Effects

    Language Elements: Denotation and Connotation, Idioms


Loneliness and Alienation


13        THE MODEL:     Bernard Malamud

    Literary Element: Inference

    Language Elements: Euphemism, Using About in Different Ways, Expressions with Two Meanings


14        DISAPPEARING:     Monica Wood

    Literary Elements: Ellipsis, Imagery

    Language Elements: Vocabulary, Definitions


15        MISS BRILL:     Katherine Mansfield

    Literary Elements: Synecdoche, Simile

    Language Elements: Verbs of Movement, Adjectives


16        TEENAGE WASTELAND:     Anne Tyler

    Literary Elements: Point of View: Third-Person Narration, Inference

    Language Elements: Conditionals, Idioms


Social Change and Injustice


17        LIKE A WINDING SHEET:     Ann Petry

    Literary Elements: Colloquialism and Dialect, Imagery

    Language Elements: Adverbial Clauses, Synonyms


18        THE LILY-WHITE BOYS:     William Maxwell

    Literary Elements: Allusion and Connotation, Setting and Atmosphere

    Language Elements: Appositives, Placement of the Subject, Irregular Verbs


19        THE CATBIRD SEAT:     James Thurber

    Literary Elements: Understatement and Humor

    Language Elements: Noun Clauses, Two-Word Verbs, Expressions Using Color, Legal Expressions


20        EVERYDAY USE:     Alice Walker

    Literary Elements: Characterization: Round Character, Point of View: First-Person Narrative

    Language Elements: Prepositional Phrases, Verbs of Movement, Two-Word Verbs, Used To



Ecplanation of Literary Terms

Back Cover

The stories in A World of Fiction, Second Edition, by Sybil Marcus, embrace a variety of themes, literary and linguistic styles, and time frames. Advanced students will sharpen their reading, speaking, vocabulary, and writing skills as they discover the pleasure and reward of reading fiction.


This anthology provides complete and unabridged selections by:

Woody Allen · Kate Chopin · Nadine Gordimer · James Joyce · D.H. Lawrence · Bernard Malamud · Katherine Mansfield · William Maxwell · Frank O'Connor · Grace Paley · Anne Petry · Budd Schulberg · James Thurber · Anne Tyler · Arturo Vivante · Kurt Vonnegut · Alice Walker · Tobias Wolf · Monica Wood · Virginia Woolf



  • Five new stories
  • Updated author biographies
  • “Focus on Language” sections that highlight grammatical structures and vocabulary
  • Exploration of literary elements such as time, setting, action, and motive
  • A wide variety of stimulating discussion and writing topics