Process of Composition

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 Advanced Level

Written by Joy Reid, the foremost authority on teaching composition to ESL students, this series takes students from beginning-level instruction on basic sentence structure through the development and production of advanced academic papers.
Writing examples, opportunities to learn about and produce academic prose, and sequenced assignments that increase in complexity help students build their ability to fulfil academic assignments as high as the university and graduate school levels.
Examples of good (and poor) student compositions, written by native and non-native speakers of English, enrich all three books.
The Reid hallmark of collaboration, in the form of pair and group work, is an important feature of the books.
This new edition focuses on the techniques and formats essential to academic writing. It prepares students for college-level work by taking them from the pre-writing process through a finished paper.
The text teaches students how to construct solid, academic pros, and how to critique, edit, and revise work. Other books in the series: Basic Writing, (beginning level), and The Process of Paragraph Writing, (intermediate level).