With an emphasis on systematic vocabulary acquisition, Password 1 helps beginning students build a solid foundation in English.  Each of the text's seven theme-based units features four readings, activities to develop reading skills, and a wide variety of exercises for understanding and using the target vocabulary.

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Each unit ends with a Unit Wrap that includes Review exercises for the target vocabulary and Expansion activities including work with families and collocations, crossword search and word puzzles, and building dicitonary skills.  The text also features vocabulary self-tests.

Using carefully controlled sentence structure and vocabulary, each chapter includes:
  • Getting Ready to Read: Pre-reading questions and tasks get students thinking about the topic and introduce relevent vocabulary.
  • The Reading: Passages progress from 200 to 450 words, becoming increasingly demanding throughout the book. An accompanying Quick Comprehension Check focuses on general understanding.
  • Exploring Vocabulary: Varied exercises allow students to practice, recycle, and expand upon target words drawn from the reading context.
  • Developing Your Skills: A variety of exercises help students gain fluency and strengthen their skills in scanning, summarizing, using new words, and writing.