Real Reading Level 1 Student Book with MP3 files

Lynn Bonesteel  
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July 2010

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Real Reading Level 1 Student Book with MP3 files
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In Real Reading students focus on the meaning of readings, they also develop critical academic skills.  Reading and vocabulary skills help students understand the structure of written English and comprehend new words.  Additional vocabulary-learning strategies - based on the research of Paul Nation - provide students with the tools they need for long-term vocabulary acquisition.

Table of Contents


The Real Reading Unit


Scope and Sequence


Unit 1  In the Water

            Chapter 1         Just Add Water

            Chapter 2         Phelps's Feet


Unit 2  Telling Stories

            Chapter 3         Folktales

            Chapter 4         Anansi and Turtle


Unit 3  What's for Dinner

            Chapter 5         Dangerous Dining

            Chapter 6         Wild Treasures


            Fluency Practice 1


Unit 4  Funny Business

            Chapter 7         The Science of Laughter

            Chapter 8         Can't Take a Joke


Unit 5  Some of My Best Friends Are Animals

            Chapter 9         The Best-Dressed Penguin

            Chapter 10       Christian the Lion


Unit 6  Learning from Mother Nature

            Chapter 11       Natural by Design

            Chapter 12       Swarm Intelligence


            Fluency Practice 2


Unit 7  Superstitions

            Chapter 13       In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

            Chapter 14       The Superstitious Gene


Unit 8  Staying Alive

            Chapter 15       Trapped!

            Chapter 16       Why Do Some Survive?


Unit 9  Truth or Lies?

            Chapter 17       Do Animals Lie?

            Chapter 18       Who Am I Today?


            Fluency Practice 3


Unit 10  Twice as Good

            Chapter 19       Two in One

            Chapter 20       Identical Strangers


Unit 11  Illusions

            Chapter 21       Hugging Bugs Bunny

            Chapter 22       Is Seeing Really Believing?


Unit 12  Collective Madness

            Chapter 23       Tulip Fever

            Chapter 24       The Dancing Plague


            Fluency Practice 4



New Words

Vocabulary Practice 1-12

Fluency Progress Charts

Fluency Practice Answer Key

Pronunciation Table

Vocabulary Index

MP3 Audio Tracking Guide


Back Cover


Lynn Bonesteel, Series Editor

Paul Nation, Series Consultant


A four-level reading skills series for beginning through advanced students, Real Reading provides students with a meaningful and authentic reading experience. Compelling readings in a variety of genres have been carefully written or adapted from authentic sources and feature a principled approach to vocabulary development.


Real Reading Features

  • Two thematically-related readings per unit encourage students to make connections.
  • Reading and vocabulary skill building and vocabulary learning strategies based on Paul Nation's research help students become more confident and successful in preparation for academic reading and reading on standardized tests.
  • Controlled vocabulary based on the General Service Word List, the Academic Word List, and the Billuroglu-Neufeld List ensures students' comprehension.
  • Fluency Practice units improve reading speed and comprehension.


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