Focus on Vocabulary Level 1 Student Book

Diane Schmitt / Norbert Schmitt / David Mann  
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January 2011

Level 1

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Focus on Vocabulary Level 1 Student Book


Focus on Vocabulary1: Bridging Vocabulary teaches mid-frequency vocabulary preparing intermediate to high-intermediate students for the kinds of words found in novels, newspapers, films, and social and workplace settings.

Table of Contents

Unit 1 Happiness


Chapter 1: Can We Be Happier?

            Reading: Why Are Your Happy?


Chapter 2: Into the Flow

            Reading: Getting into the Flow


Chapter 3: Happiness in Bhutan

            Reading: Gross National Happiness


Chapter 4: Strategy Practice



Unit 2 Mind


Chapter 5: What Are You Thinking?

            Reading: When Did Humans Begin to Think?


Chapter 6: What Color Is Your Laugh?

            Reading: Synesthesia


Chapter 7: Did You Have Trouble Getting Up This Morning?

            Reading: The Teenage Brain


Chapter 8: Strategy Practice



Unit 3 Design


Chapter 9: Science Fiction into Reality

            Reading: Star Trek Technology


Chapter 10: How Choice Architects Can Help You!

            Reading: A Nudge I n the Right Direction


Chapter 11: Positive Design

            Reading: Easier on the Eye - Easier to Use?


Chapter 12: Strategy Practice



Unit 4 Face It


Chapter 13: What's Behind an Attractive Face?

            Reading: Facial Attraction


Chapter 14: Makeup: Painted Faces

            Reading: Face Paint


Chapter 15: Facial Recognition: Do You Know Who I Am?

            Reading: I Know That Face


Chapter 16: Strategy Practice



Unit 5 Technology


Chapter 17: Techno-Doping

            Reading: Sports Technology: Is It Fair?


Chapter 18: Connected of Disconnected?

            Reading: Will they Call Us “Generation Isolation”?


Chapter 19: Evolution v 2.0: Shared Humanity

            Reading: Rise of the Machines


Chapter 20: Strategy Practice



Unit 6 Celebrity and Heroes


Chapter 21: What Makes a Hero?

            Reading: Who's a Hero?


Chapter 22: The Appeal of Comic Book Heroes

            Reading: Japanese and American Comic Book Heroes


Chapter 23: What's Your Favorite Brand of Celebrity?

            Reading: Balloon Boy Brand Failure


Chapter 24: Strategy Practice



Unit 7 Environment


Chapter 25:  Eco-Fashion

            Reading: Fashion Victim or Environmental Victory?


Chapter 26: Hunting the Hunters

            Reading: Pray for the Predators


Chapter 27: High-Tech Trash

            Reading: Waste-Age


Chapter 28: Strategy Practice



Index of Target Words

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Focus on Vocabulary 1: Bridging Vocabulary is a research-based vocabulary textbook that gives intermediate to high-intermediate students hands-on preparation for understanding mid-frequency vocabulary, such as that found in novels, newspapers, films, and social and workplace settings. Through excerpts from popular material and well-crafted exercises, English learners focus on mid-frequency vocabulary - 504 word families in all. To help students reach a fuller understanding of the new vocabulary, each chapter provides a series of exercises on word meanings, word families, and collocation.



  • Seven units focus on a variety of subject areas, such as the mind, design, celebrity, and the environment.
  • The start of each main chapter features an Assessing Your Vocabulary Knowledge section, which helps students determine their level of familiarity with that chapter's twenty-four target words. Students reassess their familiarity with the words at the end of the chapter.
  • Each main chapter carefully recycles the target words a minimum of four times in the reading passage and throughout the sections that follow: Reading Comprehension, Word Meaning, Word Families, Collocation, and Expanding the Topic.
  • At the end of each unit, a Strategy Practice chapter offers tips for dictionary use, essay writing, and other vocabulary-related tasks.