Focus on Vocabulary

2 Levels
Now in an expanded two-book series, the research-based Focus on Vocabulary breaks down the task of vocabulary acquisition into achievable, short-term language goals.

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Student Book

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Student Book

Focus on Vocabulary1

Focus on Vocabulary1: Bridging Vocabulary teaches mid-frequency vocabulary preparing intermediate to high-intermediate students for the kinds of words found in novels, newspapers, films, and social and workplace settings.

Focus on Vocabulary 2

Focus on Vocabulary 2: Mastering the Academic Word List uses thorough recycling of academic words and well-crafted exercises to introduce high-intermediate and advanced students to the vocabulary they need for academic and test taking success.  New reading strategies sections in help students identify text structure and synthesize ideas across texts, among other skills.


  • Seven units focus on a variety of subject areas, such as the mind, design, celebrity, and the environment.
  • The start of each main chapter features an Assessing Your Vocabulary Knowledge section, which helps students determine their level of familiarity with that chapter's twenty-four target words. Students reassess their familiarity with the words at the end of the chapter.
  • Each main chapter carefully recycles the target words a minimum of four times in the reading passage and throughout the sections that follow: Reading Comprehension, Word Meaning, Word Families, Collocation, and Expanding the Topic.
  • At the end of each unit, a Strategy Practice chapter offers tips for dictionary use, essay writing, and other vocabulary-related tasks.