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Pearson Switzerland Ltd. is a subsidiary of Pearson PLC media and publishing group. With more than 35'000 employees based in 70 countries worldwide and with a turnover of US$ 6 billion in year 2015. Pearson is one of the world-leading education companies.

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Our English Language Teaching

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Find your local ELT representative outside Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Technical Support

You need Technical Support for your ELT* product? Please visit following website.

* phone support in English only

What we offer

Pearson Switzerland has over 11,000 titles in its ELT section and as qualified ESL teachers we are able to advise you on suitable Pearson ELT products for your needs.

On-site Consultations with our ELT representatives

  • Workshops
  • Product presentations
  • Personally outline and clarify individual needs:  schools, teachers, students
  • Personal information meetings

A Personal Access Code for Pearson ELT Teachers' Community which offers:

  • classroom resources
  • teachers' resources
  • word lists
  • answer keys
  • one free Penguin graded reader, upon registering

Free Sample Copies of certain ELT material

  • Student's books
  • Language boosters
  • Grammar books
  • Exercise books

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Please feel free to contact us at (tel: 041 747 47 47) or (e-mail: should you have any questions, or would like to organise a meeting with us.  We would be more than happy to come to your place of work to discuss your needs and our products.