Pearson Switzerland Ltd.

Pearson Switzerland Ltd. is a subsidiary of Pearson PLC media and publishing group.
With more than 20'000 employees in 200 countries worldwide and with a turnover of US$ 0.76 billion in year 2022 is Pearson one of the world-leading education companies.

Pearson Switzerland Ltd. is the Swiss distributor of a great part of products from Pearson Education imprints.

Since 1983 we supply our customers and associates with our books in the specific fields of Informatics, Economics, English Language Learning and Higher Education. Most of our products are delivered directly from our warehouse in Hägendorf (Buchzentrum), which is equipped with a modern IT infrastructure for a fast and reliable delivery.

Orders and Customer Service

Pearson Schweiz AG
Gewerbestrasse 10
CH - 6330 Cham

Phone: ++41 (0)41 747 47 47
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Mon -  Fri:    8:00 -12:00    13:00 - 17:00

Technical Support

You need Technical Support,

  • for your ELT (English Language Teaching)* product? Please visit following website
    *phone support in English only

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Our associates

Due to our close cooperation with highly-skilled Swiss bookshops we are able to provide customers with a network of competent sales and information centers.

In Switzerland as well as Liechtenstein our products are found in more than 300 bookshops. If you're looking for a reseller in your area, please do not hesitate to contact us.